The Demon King Addicted to Robbing the Bride Chapter 1 When Hedgehog Huahua First Woke Up

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The creator of the universe, Pangu opened up a new world. Pure air rose to the sky. Turbid air sunk to the earth. The world was neat and efficient and then relaxed and happy. Then came the vicissitudes of life and the wind and clouds changed. Today, the world was divided into four realms: Heaven, Devil, Ghost, and Human. Demons, beasts, and supernatural beings were scattered to the wild. They belonged to no faction or party and behaved themselves. The world was at peace.

In the spring of heavenly year 89,630,000, evil raged. Waves rippled.

At that time, the Heavenly Emperor Mo Yunye and Demon King Nan Liyue for some reason set about the waves. Thus, an eyebrow raise and a pointed finger resulted in a bloody battle in a beautiful world. The fires of war burned and didn’t go out for 500 years.

Then, the Heaven Realm was defeated!

To protect the captives of the heaven’s army, the Heavenly Emperor sent his fiancée Goddess Luo Qianhua as a hostage to the Demon King in exchange for peace in the world. The Flower Goddess was in prison. Since then, flowers withered and bustling liveliness turned into coldness and desolation. The Flower Goddess was bullied in the Demon Realm. Finally, on the night that the Demon King married another, she was broken with grief and jumped off Lihun Stage and turned into ashes……

In the spring of heavenly year 99,630,000, soft wind blew warmly. It was a good day for an outing.


Luo Qianhua wore a blue Tianshui brocade dress. She gently lifted her dress and walked barefoot in the field of mud on the road. Her joy was like a bird that flew out of its nest.

She took on a human form. Luo Qianhua was a hedgehog who woke up from winter hibernation…


As a cultivating hedgehog who took on a human form for three days, Luo Qianhua was really reluctant to mention her miserable past —

She was like a frog in the bottom of a well. She lived on an island that she could take three steps on either side. Her playmate was an eagle that flew in the sky every day. It often disdainfully squinted its eyes and screeched before flying over. After it flew over three times, Qianhua had to wait until tomorrow before he came flying over arrogantly again.

In the long days, other than looking up at the eagle, she spoke to herself in front of the vast sea.

“Huahua, why do you think this island has numerous edible insects and plants, but not a single person who can speak?”

“Huahua, do you think that eagle spoke to me when it flew over? Is it too arrogant or did I not hear it say hello to me?”

“Huahua, if one day, grandfather sea turtle swim by again, I must force him to take me to the other side!


At that time, Luo Qianhua was just a talking hedgehog. The sea turtle came by five years ago. Now, Qianhua was thirteen years old.

A thirteen-year-old hedgehog was a hedgehog that couldn’t be older. But Qianhua was very young, so young that her spines weren’t hard yet.

Qianhua was a very clever hedgehog. She was so clever that, although she had never stepped off this island, she was inexplicably aware of the outside world. She knew that gods have supernatural powers and radishes and vegetables could cultivate into immortals, but also could be eaten. She knew that the world was divided into four realms. She knew that the Heaven and Demon Realms did not get along. She knew that the Ghost Realm was neutral. She knew that Heavenly Emperor Mo Yunye was like an elegant scholar in the Human Realm. She knew that Demon King Nan Liyue was like a Human Realm’s cold-faced assassin. She knew that Ghost Emperor Han Ge was like a scoundrel in the Human Realm……

But Qianhua did not why only her dreams told her these things.

Her dreams were as if she personally experienced them!

When she couldn’t explain it, Luo Qianhua could only tell herself that she was a clever hedgehog and was naturally gifted.

So, when grandfather sea turtle once again swam by leisurely, Qianhua cleverly forced the old turtle to take her to the other side.

Qianhua said, “If you don’t take me, I will tell the fish and shrimp in the ocean that your grandsons’ nicknames are ‘b*stard!’”

The sea turtle didn’t know whether she had ever conversed with the fish and shrimp, but facing such a threat, he couldn’t help but obediently fulfill her small wish.

Only, the sea turtle and Qianhua had never thought that before they reach the shore, a gale suddenly rose from the ocean. The waves raged. The sea turtle panicked and forgot that he was carrying a hedgehog that didn’t know how to swim on its back. All of a sudden, it dove into the water.

The poor Luo Qianhua was tossed and turned in the surging waves. She even gulped down several mouthfuls of salty seawater. Her body suddenly fell uncontrollably. Her spines uselessly turned soft and weak as silk at this time. She originally thought that she wouldn’t make it and would go to the Ghost Realm. Before Qianhua closed her eyes, she optimistically imagined the Ghost Emperor who mesmerized thousands of girls. She wondered if he would pity this beautiful old hedgehog and help her be reborn. However —

Luo Qianhua suddenly felt her body lightened. It wasn’t her soul leaving her body. It was a pair of big hands that pulled out of the soul-sucking sea……


Luo Qianhua was such an ill-fated hedgehog.

She escaped death this time perhaps because her ancestors accumulated virtue. The Sun God in the Heaven Realm — Emperor of the East Star saved her. Since then, Luo Qianhua’s tragic life as a frog in a well ended.

Emperor of the East Star was a kind immortal!

He was not only handsome, but he took very good care of the younger generations. If Luo Qianhua had flipped over a few pages in her genealogy records, she would discover that she was a distant relative of the Sun God!

Emperor of the East Star said that it was almost nighttime and he was returning to the nine heavens. He suddenly saw a rainbow over the sea. He soared over and it turned out to be a drowning hedgehog. He rescued it in confusion, but he suddenly realized that it was the origin of that beam of light!

“It turns out that Luo Qianhua was an immortal soul with immortal affinity, who somehow fell onto the beast path,” Emperor of the East Star said.

Thus, Luo Qianhua was very excited. Her near-death experience made her find an immortal relative. This was really worth it. If she could go back and die this time around, she might find out that she was related to the Heavenly Emperor!

Thinking of this, Qianhua cutely and respectfully asked Emperor of the East Star, “How do I address this immortal? If I meet others, I can say that the relationship between me and this immortal isn’t shallow!”

Although Emperor of the East Star was handsome, he was tens of thousands of years older than Qianhua. His eyes that were like stars looked at her with doting. He then told her a very complex relationship.

So, when someone asked her about her relationship with the Sun God, Qianhua always proudly replied, “My third paternal aunt’s fourth maternal aunt’s ninth uncle’s eighth nephew’s fifth female cousin’s godbrother’s eldest son is my Uncle Sun God!”

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