Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 6 Don’t Go Too Far, Part 2

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After she changed her clothes, Rong Mi pulled Ming WuYan to Tianshan City’s high-class restaurant, Yipin Ju. She said she wanted to treat her to dinner because she was Rong Mi’s first friend.

Ming WuYan was was in high spirits. Dinner was taken care of. She also took this friendly girl as her first friend after she came to this world.

Rong Mi ordered lots of dishes, but before they were served, a loud commotion came from outside. A woman in white who floated like a fairy was escorted into Yipin Ju. The woman booked the entire second floor of the restaurant.

 Everyone began to loudly talk…

“YuYao Division’s second shijie Bai Shao came down personally too. It seems like there must be something good in tonight’s auction.”

“But YuYao Division’s spiritual medicines are not sold for money. What would we who have silvers but no protection do?”

“Then quickly go exchange your items with YuYao Division’s people…”

Ming WuYan looked puzzled upstairs, “Auction? Where is there an auction?”

Rong Mi smiled, “This is a restaurant but it’s also Yipin Ju’s auction place. Every ten days, there would be an auction on the side. A lot of useful things will be auctioned. Some can help new students arrive successfully at Yutian Academy. It’s lively. Let’s join the liveliness tonight.”

“Can we auction something off?” Ming WuYan questioned further. If she could, she would take two bottles of medicine out of her space to auction. She was in serious shortage of silvers. She couldn’t let Rong Mi spend money on her forever.

Besides, they weren’t that familiar with each other. After this dinner, what would she do then?


Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 6 Don’t Go Too Far, Part 1

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Rong Mi angrily said, “Fu RuoLan, don’t go too far. This bed is WuYan’s. She already put her things there. How can you throw other people’s things?”

Fu RuoLan coldly snorted. “So she’s this ugly person’s friend. If you’re anxious, then you give your spot to her.”

Ming WuYan looked at this Fu RuoLan who had the appearance of an orchid [The “Lan” in her name means “orchid”]. She lightly pursed up her lips. She picked up her own baggage and said to Rong Mi, “It’s fine. People do not fight with dogs. I’ll sleep above you!”

Fu RuoLan’s eyes widened and her face was twisted. She pointed to Ming WuYan and loudly cursed, “What kind of thing are you? You dare to call me a dog? You want to die?” She picked up the nearby pillow and threw it at Ming WuYan.

Ming WuYan frowned and dodged. “It’s not an animal, but it goes mad like one. Looks like it’s time to get the rabies vaccine.”

Others did not know what a “rabies vaccine” was, but they knew Ming WuYan scolding Fu RuoLan as an animal. Some were happy, some were rejoicing in others’ misfortune, and Rong Mi admired Ming WuYan enough to give her a thumbs-up.

As Fu RuoLan wanted to find her sisters to retaliate against Ming WuYan, a shijie [Senior martial sister] from RongSheng Hall came in and coldly looked at everyone. Her eyes landed on Fu RuoLan and Ming WuYan, “Is this a place where you can be impudent? If there is a next time, scram out of RongSheng Hall!”

Everyone clammed up and was scared to say anymore. When the shijie left, Fu RuoLan and three girls plotted to go against Ming WuYan during the monthly lesson on Tianshan XueYue [Mountain].

Since young, Ming WuYan’s hearing was better than most. But she pretended not to hear. This world was still unknown to her. She was not a secret agent or a martial arts practitioner. She knew medicine only and plastic surgery at that. This occupation was not popular in the ancient times when they advocated natural beauty. With her weak and feeble hands, she thought she was better off not interacting with those demons and ghosts.


Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 5 No Money to Stay at an Inn, Part 3

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“It seems like North Desert Country’s luck is turning…”

“I’ve been here two years already and couldn’t even climb up Tianshan XueYue. With what can this girl go through the back door? And to let Eldest Shixiong personally come to get her?”

“The girl is only eleven years old but she’s pretty. You say, do you think Eldest Shixiong likes her…?”

“What are you saying? What’s so good about an eleven-year-old girl? Her hair isn’t even grown yet…”

“Aren’t you also a teenager?”

“I’m fourteen years old…”

There was laughter all around.

Rong Mi blinked and whispered to Ming WuYan, “There’s someone else who came from North Desert Country with you?”

Ming WuYan shook her head, “I don’t know if anyone else came from North Desert, but I came here alone.”

“Oh. Well, someone else left. You can sleep in the bottom bunk then.” Rong Mi was unaffected. She already prepared everything she needed to live there for a long time, including banknotes.

Ming WuYan smiled. She put her could-not-be-simpler simple baggage on the empty bed. She was about to change out of her wet clothing, when a girl ran over. She threw Ming WuYan’s shabby baggage on the ground. She arrogantly said, “I want this bed. You sleep above.”


Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 5 No Money to Stay at an Inn, Part 2

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She was about to bitterly shout out when an umbrella appeared over her head. A girl clad in green appeared in front of her. “Why aren’t you taking shelter from the rain?”

Ming WuYan looked at the twelve- or thirteen-year-old girl in front of her. Her eyes were large on her small face. But her mouth was missing flesh. It was the typical hare-lip. Her voice was soft and very comfortable to listen to.

“I don’t have money to stay at an inn,” Ming WuYan crisply answered.

The green-clad girl stared blankly. It took her awhile to reply, “You are a new student right? The RongSheng Hall in front is free to live in.”

Ming WuYan foolishly said, embarrassed, “I didn’t know.”

If she knew, she wouldn’t have stupidly stayed out here for four hours.

The girl in green smiled and extended her hand. “I’m called Rong Mi. I’m a new student from Dongyang Country. Let’s be friends! I’m thirteen this year.”

Ming WuYan also smiled and shook her hand. “I am Ming WuYan. I’m from North Desert Country. I’m eleven years old. It’s nice to meet you.”

Seeing Ming WuYan was willing to be friends with her, Rong Mi was very happy. She pulled her forward, “Let’s go. The bed above mine is empty. You can sleep there.”

The two arrived in RongSheng Hall and heard people discussing spiritedly.

“That girl from North Desert Country is so lucky. YuYao [Medicine] Division’s Eldest Shixiong [Senior martial brother] is personally leading her up the mountain.”


Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 5 No Money to Stay at an Inn, Part 1

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Feng JiYou was silent for a moment. Then he suddenly asked, surprised, “New student? North Desert Country’s new student? Is shidi waiting for this person?”

No way! He had to see it!

North Desert Country had not had any Yutian students for nearly ten years. Who was so amazing this time that it alerted his shidi?

“Someone come…”

“Shifu [Master]!” A pure as an immortal man quickly appeared.

“Mengge, descend from the mountain to pick up the students from North Desert Country. Be sure to bring them here safely.”

 Mengge was startled. But he saluted, “Yes, shifu.”


Half a month later, Ming WuYan arrived in the Tianshan City below Tianshan XueYue. This was the only path up and down the mountain for Yutian Academy students. It was also one of the most prosperous cities in the five countries. Because Ming WuYan’s carriage ride to Tianshan City cost ten silvers, plus the cost of food on the road, she only had one or two silvers now.

But one or two silvers in Tianshan City could not afford an inn. After inwardly struggling, she decided to camp out.

As she decided to rest by a boulder, the sky flashed with thunder. In the blink of an eye, big raindrops fell down and Ming WuYan was drenched.


Seizing a Good Marriage, the Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 4 A Name No One Dared to Say Out Loud, Part 2

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Tianshan XueYue, Yutian Academy

A middle-aged man with the air of an immortal pulled a thousand-year-old Snow Ginseng from the medicinal field and tossed it for the little spirit lion to eat. After cleaning his hand, he turned around and looked at the iceberg-like man beside him.

“Shidi [junior martial brother], is the YaoFeng Qin really broken?” Compared to the small spirit lion, he loved the YaoFeng Qin more. The spirit lion had to eat, but the YaoFeng Qin did not. In the long run, the YaoFeng Qin was more cost-effective.


“Shidi, would you stay a few more days?” Feng JiYou asked with a hopeful face. In a whole year, he could only see him once on his birthday. But this heartless shidi stayed one night and left every time.

This time, he asked as usual. His heart actually did not have any hope. But in the next moment, he heard an unimaginable answer.


“En?” Feng JiYou thought he heard wrong. “Is it really ‘En’”?

“En.” The iceberg-like man licked his lower lip. Even he was surprised into adding, “Will stay a few days.”

Feng JiYou could not stay calm. He stretched his fingers out to count. Shidi actually spoke five words to him! Ah! He laughed mischievously and instead questioned, “Why?”

“I forgot to tell her my name,” the iceberg-like man said, lost in thought.

Feng JiYou did not understand. “What? Whose name?”

 Shidi was willing to tell others his name? “Xue YiHan” was a name no one dared to say out loud.

“I’ll sleep for awhile. If any new students from the North Desert Country come, wake me up.” His shadow flashed and Xue YiHan disappeared.


Seizing a Good Marriage, the Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 4 A Name No One Dared to Say Out Loud, Part 1

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When Ming Lang received the news that his daughter got a Yutian Token, stopped drinking. He rushed to the medical clinic and happily said, “Yan’er, you have to go to the Yutian Academy. You have to study hard. You have to study hard, do you hear? Didn’t you always want to know about your mother? When you come back, I will tell you everything, okay?”

Ming Lang was very excited but Ming WuYan’s face was a bit cold.

First, she didn’t know what was so good about some Yutian Academy. Secondly, she didn’t want to go to school. Thirdly, she felt for her drunkard father to say so many words sober, nothing good was going to happen.

Ming Lang’s body trembled and an alcohol craving came over his face. He smiled, embarrassed, “Yan’er, father is going to go drink now. Tomorrow, father will take care of things. The day after, you can set off for Yutian Academy!”

He wrapped an arm around his wine jug and left.

Ming WuYan sighed and picked up the spirit lion from the ground. She stroked its snow-white fur and said, “That man called you a clumsy baby. Since he said it, let’s call you Wonton!” [TL Note: This site runs on ads, so please kindly turn off your Ad-Blockers to support your translators! “Wonton” sounds like “clumsy”]

The little spirit lion whined and rubbed itself into her palm.

The news of Ming WuYan attending Yutian Academy travelled like a gust of wind. It very quickly spread through the slums. Everyone was envious and spontaneously organized donations. In one day, they gathered ten silvers. Impoverished families even brought out their Golden Phoenix to use on the road.

Ming WuYan clutched the ten silvers and her heart was burning hot. She had never experienced the blessings of so many people. She was so moved her eyes turned red.

Like the Golden Phoenix flying out of the village, everyone had a feeling of glory.

Two days later, under the watchful gazes of countless people, she set on the path to Tianshan XueYue. Yutian Academy was supposed to be there.

Before leaving, Ming WuYan’s father gave her a white jade hairpin. He said it belonged to her mother. He said some words and walked away, drinking.

Towards this father, Ming WuYan was really speechless. But the fatherly feelings the previous host of this body had for her father could not be thrown away. Although there was some resentment, her eyes turned red seeing him walk away.

Grandpa Jing gave her a bag of snacks, a new set of clothing, a bag of various medicinal herbs and powders, and five silvers.

Ming WuYan thought this must be the entirety of Grandpa Jing’s fortune!

A little boy called Baozi shouted enviously to Ming WuYan’s back, “Yan jiejie [Literally older sister, can be used to denote closeness], wait until I get the Yutian Token. I will go to Yutian Academy to find you!”

Ming WuYan smiled and waved, “Everyone take care!”

From now on, her life could only move forward and could not retreat!


Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 3 The Mysterious Man’s Present

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The thing he hated the most in the world was women. Additionally, she was so young.

As he came back from his thoughts, he saw the girl standing on tiptoes looking at the lions. He bent his waist and put the cubs on the ground.

Ming WuYan then found out that the lions had a Siamese body. She was distressed and said, “They’re still young. Should separate them. It will be hard to take care of them, while they’re stuck together.”

He didn’t know why but he suddenly felt that the little girl’s voice was very pleasant to hear. Every word struck his beating heart. He felt his heart thumping, at such a speed that never happened before.

He widened his eyes in astonishment, and pressed hard against his chest to stop the abnormal beating of his heart.

He took a deep breath for a moment and stared into the eyes of Ming WuYan, “Do you have a solution?”

Ming WuYan nodded, then shook her head.

If it was the modern times, with her magical skills in plastic surgery, she could easily separate the two lions. But now the medical conditions were limited. She didn’t have a scalpel, medical instruments or medicines. It was just wishful thinking.

The Iceberg looked at her and tried hard to casually say, “Then separate them. I will wait for you.”

He took the YaoFeng Qin [Qin 琴 is a stringed musical instrument of the zither family] from his back down and set it down. Doctor Jing returned with water for the lions.

But the two lions were connected and did not cooperate together, so they stumbled and fell down, looking very pitiful. Ming WuYan distressingly pet their heads, made a decision, and quickly ran.

She took a bowl of black water from her space and ran to the kitchen to get a knife. When she came back, Doctor Jing cried out.

“WuYan, what are you doing with the knife? Quickly put it back. It’s not good if you hurt yourself.”

He grabbed the knife from her hand and returned it back to the kitchen personally.

Ming WuYan looked at her empty hand and then at the two pitiful cubs who kept stumbling down. Her heart couldn’t bear it so she prepared to find another knife.

She took a step before the Iceberg handed her a small dagger. “Use this one.”

Ming WuYan took the dagger and compared it to the body of the cub. The dagger was too small.

The she brightened and asked the Iceberg, “Can I borrow the string on your Qin?”

The Iceberg was confused but still nodded, “Okay.”

With his agreement, she took the dagger and cut off two Qin strings with a “deng deng” sound. The Iceberg stared stupidly.

This was the ancient treasure, YaoFeng Qin ah! And it was the birthday present for his senior martial brother.

Ming WuYan didn’t notice the Iceberg’s facial expressions. She touched the bodies of the lions and nodded satisfactorily. She poured a little black water where the cubs were connected. Then she picked up the Qin strings and quick as lightning, cut the lions and separated them. The cubs were in pain so she immediately poured the black water over them.

The whole process took less than thirty seconds and the two cubs were separated. Not a drop of blood was spilt. And looking at the jubilation of the two lions, they were not traumatized. The Iceberg’s face showed surprise.

He steadily looked at Ming WuYan and a trace of gentle warmth appeared in his heart. He started to say something but saw the old doctor returning so he took a jade token out and gave it to Ming WuYan. “This is for you.”

He picked up one spirit lion cub and told her, “This other clumsy baby is for you. As is the dagger.” After he finished speaking, a sword appeared out of thin air by the man’s feet. It disappeared with the handsome man together.

 Doctor Jing saw this scene and after a day’s reaction finally said, “So he’s from the Yutian Academy. No wonder he had such high quality spirit pets.”

He then saw that Ming WuYan was holding a Yutian Token and laughed happily. “WuYan, you’re really blessed by the Heavens ah! He actually gave you the Token that gold can’t buy. Now you can go study at the Yutian Academy.”

Doctor Jing excitedly spoke. But Ming WuYan already stopped listening. She wondered who the masked iceberg-like man was. Why did he give her the Yutian Token and spirit pet? Was it only really to thank her?


Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 2 Handsome Iceberg-like Man

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“WuYan, don’t blame your father. His heart is bitter. Hurry up and get better soon. Don’t you want to learn medicine? I will teach you after you recover.” The old Doctor Jing said some words and left only when patients came.

Ming WuYan couldn’t move her body, her heart was uncomfortable, and she made the effort to turn over. But a wave of pain resulted in her dazedly moving her arm. The missing clasp of the bangle on her arm cut her skin, blood instantly covering the entire bangle.

Her heart was tired so she shut her eyes. But an inexplicable feeling of her body becoming lighter and the surrounding air changing, made her open her eyes. She found her body slowly falling into a black pond. The pond water was dark. She wanted to struggle, but found that her body was wrapped in a warm current. The pain disappeared and she felt so comfortable she didn’t want to move.

After a period of time, Ming WuYan opened her eyes and found that this place had more than this black pond. She counted ten, each with different colors and kinds of pond water; the whole place surrounded by mist.

She climbed out of the black pond. She could move now.

She looked down at her wet clothes, which turned black. She then jumped into a pond which was filled with ordinary spring water to wash her body clean. She climbed back out.

This time, the black liquid that washed off her vanished in the water and the water returned back to normal.

Ming WuYan heard voices outside. As she was thinking about how to get out, her body felt light and she was back lying on that medical bed.

Doctor Jing carried a pack of medicine over, to see Ming WuYan in wet clothing and quilt. He exclaimed, “WuYan, are you very hot? Why is your whole body wet?”

Ming WuYan nodded, “Grandpa Jing, I sweated a lot and now I feel all better. Can you help me up?”

Doctor Jing came forward to examine her and found the fracture of several ribs had been repaired. He was stunned and immediately laughed, “You’re really a blessed child! Come, try to get up.”

He helped her up. Seeing Ming WuYan was not in pain, he smilingly repeated “Good, good, good!”

Ming WuYan smiled, touched her wound and got up from bed. Feeling okay, she jumped up and down a few times, saying excitedly, “I’m really recovered!”

Doctor Jing was watching the recovered Ming WuYan and asked “WuYan, did you see someone earlier?”

Ming WuYan shook her head, “I was asleep. I don’t know.”

Seeing she didn’t know, Doctor Jing chuckled and didn’t ask anymore. In MingWuYan’s case, she needed at least three to five months to recover. Unless someone from the Medicine Sect was willing to help…

But in the North Desert country, there was only one elixir master. He was arrogant, with royal heritage, so he shouldn’t sneakily heal a little girl.

Then was it possible someone from the Medicine Sect came by here?

Oh, well, couldn’t figure it out so let’s not think about it, as long as WuYan was better.

Since she recovered, Ming WuYan didn’t want to return to her broken-down house and her drunkard father. So she would stay in Doctor Jing’s small medical clinic: one, to rest and second, to help and lend him a hand.

Doctor Jing was more than sixty years old. His body was still healthy. The clinic was located near the poor, so he didn’t make much money, barely able to make ends meet. Ming WuYan prepared medicine and fetched and cleaned. Although Doctor Jing didn’t pay her, he fed and clothed her. And if she was sick, he would carefully take care of her, never charging her a fee.

As Ming WuYan was doing these things, she studied the jade bangle on her wrist in her spare time.

This jade bangle was ugly and the jade was clearly inferior. The surface of the bangle was also chipped, missing a piece of jade. However, once her mind wished it, she would immediately enter that mysterious place, with ten ponds the same size, with different colors.

After analyzing, Ming WuYan concluded that this was probably the legendary space. From the recovery of her injuries, these ten ponds should be medicinal baths. But each pond’s specific functions had yet to be studied.

That evening, a man in black robes wearing a black mask came in, with two just-born bloody lion cubs in his arms. He had not spoken when the air became stagnate. It was still springtime in March. To the Ming WuYan, who stood behind the counter, the bone-chilling cold felt as if an iceberg just walked into the clinic.

The black robed man was unaware of others’ discomfort and slowly asked, “Do you have Tianshan Snow Lotus?”

His voice was as cold as frozen mountains. Doctor Jing froze and shook his head, “No.”

The Iceberg wrinkled his brows. “What about a hundred-year-old ginseng?”

Doctor Jing still shook his head, “No.”

The Iceberg’s voice got colder, “Why do you have nothing?”

Doctor Jing apologetically said, “This area is humble. We don’t have many precious herbs.” He glanced towards the Iceberg’s arms. The two little lions were just born and their bodies were also stuck together: a rare Siamese body. The lions were already very weak and lives were in danger so he added “You can give them a drink of warm water and milk.”

The Iceberg hesitated, “The water is fine, but the lioness mother had no milk.”

“Please wait.” Doctor Jing went to fetch the water.

Ming WuYan slipped out from the counter and looked at the Iceberg in front of her. She had never seen such a tall, handsome man. The black robes and mask showed off his perfect body proportions, with an appealing coolness.
Her gaze was then drawn to his bosom. On curious tiptoes she saw the small lion cubs. Compared to the lions born in modern times, they were more the size of cats.  She could not help muttering, “Those pitiful tiny things!”

The Iceberg glanced at Ming WuYan. His body stiffened. Thunder and lightning flashed in his mind. His eyes flashed with disbelief.

He immediately shook his head and did not believe that such an unbelievable scene would come to his own mind

The bridal chamber, he actually saw himself with this girl in the bridal chamber…


Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 1 Life Didn’t End

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The rain was pouring down, turning the summer afternoon into night’s darkness.

    A thin little girl was kicked into the air. Her light body fell into a puddle, twitched twice, then remained motionless.

    A man in white pried open the girl’s hand, snatched her tightly grasped Yutian Token and replaced it with a piece of low-grade jade in the breathless girl’s hand. As he walked away, he mumbled “This is the Golden Hairpin Ceremony’s gift you received today!”

    After the person left, there was a faint white light in the puddle, and the little girl who had already lost her breath suddenly opened her eyes.

    In the heavy rain, a middle-aged man staggered and ran over. When he found the little girl on the ground, his eyes widened and he threw away the wine jug in his hands, trembling slightly as he held the little girl.


    His voice hoarse and trembling, clouded eyes flashed a touch of heartache, and holding his injured daughter, quickly ran up.

    In eleven years, he had never run so fast, never so eagerly.

    An hour later, an old doctor pronounced the little girl’s death, “Ming Lang, WuYan, this child broke ribs four and because of the rain, developed a fever. Her temperature is too high, plus her body is weak. I’m afraid she won’t live past tonight.”

    “Old doctor, please save my Yan’er, I beg you.” He knelt on the ground, eyes full of panic and fear.

    He knew he was not a good father. Drinking every day, he never cared about Yan’er. Had he known, he would have gone out with her.

    The old doctor sighed, helping the man up from the ground. “If you knew there was this day, why the actions in the beginning? WuYan, this child is so filial, so good. Today is her eleventh birthday. In accordance with the North Desert country’s ancestral system, she was to go to Eight Treasure Building to go through her Golden Hairpin Ceremony. Such an important day and you did not accompany her to go. Maybe she got something good, someone was jealous of her and murdered her!”

    In the North Desert country, regardless of poverty and wealth, at the age of eleven, boys and girls, must go to the Eight Treasure Building and walk the eight hundred-step Sky Ladder down. Everyone will then get a gift: the boys’ were called the Universe’s Ceremony and the girls’ were called the Golden Hairpin Ceremony. Usually every child’s family would personally send them to such an important occasion. Few were like Ming Lang.

    Ming Lang hated himself even more. He couldn’t let his daughter die like that. He couldn’t…He clenched his teeth and was about to leave when he heard WuYan issued a thin weak cry.

    “I want water!”

    This young and weak voice, even Ming WuYan was startled.

    In the two hours from this man named Ming Lang carried her from the puddle to this small medical hall, she finally realized the reality. She, who was known as the Devil Plastic Surgeon, had transmigrated and received this body’s previous memories.

  It must be said, the previous owner of this body was really a poor child. She had never seen her mother since she was born, with a drunkard father, living a miserable, poor life in North Desert country’s slums.

    Every day, she used small change to find food to cook for her father to eat so that he drank less, urged him to eat, and repeated this, until today.

    What’s special today is that it was her eleventh birthday. According to the national regulations of the North Desert country, the original Ming WuYan went to the Eight Treasures Building. She had very good luck and managed to obtain the Yutian Token, which everyone wanted.

    This Yutian token was a good thing. It was the only way to enter Yutian Academy, the equivalent of a modern admission letter.

    The Yutian Academy was a gathering of the talents in the five countries, where you could learn a lot of high-strength skills. More importantly, Ming WuYan found that this was a continent advocating force and strength. After graduating from the Academy, no matter which country one goes to, he will become a powerful, important figure. Therefore, everyone wanted to obtain this Token.

    The reason why the original owner died was because at the Eight Treasures Building only she today got the Yutian Token. Everyone else received silver or gold jewelry. One proud-looking girl found her jade bangle had a hole in it and became so angry her face distorted. After finding out Ming WuYan had a token, her eyes brightened. She arrogantly came over and wanted to use her broken jade bangle and money to trade for the Token.

    Of course, Ming WuYan refused. As she tried to leave, she heard the girl call people to prevent her from leaving. The girl said, “Brother Qin, I must have the token.” Then WuYan felt a pair of big feet directly kick her, kicked her to her death. That’s why the current her is here right now.

    And she was also called Ming WuYan!

    “Ming Lang, the child is awake, awake!” The old doctor Old age was very excited, trying to pour water into WuYan’s mouth very carefully so that she, whose whole body felt pain, felt a trace of warmth.

    The reason why Ming WuYan can safely grow to eleven years old and didn’t starve to death was due to this old doctor. He was a good person.

    After feeding the water, the doctor found that WuYan’s high temperature magically went down, he was very happy. He mumbled, “This child’s life didn’t end. This child’s life didn’t end!”

    After the fever receded and she rested for a few months, this child would be okay.

    After seeing her daughter was saved, a happy father went for a celebratory drink. The old doctor shook his head and watched over Ming WuYan personally.