Sweet and Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me, Commander! Chapter 42 Loving Apple Bought With One Yuan and Eight Cents [1] Part 1

In her previous life, she was someone who never bought lottery tickets because the probability of winning was equivalent to none, in her opinion.

However, she had read the newspapers after Gu Linyuan’s accident in her previous life. She had coincidentally seen the results of the lottery draw on the front of the newspaper.

She had special powers. She was a genius with a photographic memory.

She clearly remembered the winning numbers for the grand prize in the lottery tomorrow. One ticket paid out five million. She bought seventeen tickets.

In other words, the seventeen lottery tickets that she bought for thirty-four yuan would turn into 85 million yuan tomorrow.

She put the lottery tickets away. She had one yuan and eight cents as she stood in front of the supermarket counter next to the hospital. She asked somewhat awkwardly, “Can I buy any fruit with one yuan and eight cents? Any fruit is okay.”

She had wanted to buy another lottery ticket with this one yuan and eight cents too, but each ticket cost two yuan. She was two cents short, so she couldn’t buy it.

The salesperson at the supermarket counter asked, “One yuan and eight cents…… Can you add to that?”

“I only have one yuan and eight cents.”

“Okay. I’ll sell you an apple, okay? It’s cheap, big, and fresh. It’s usually ten yuan each, but it’s a special today.”

“Okay.” Fang Xinxin spent one yuan and eight cents to buy an apple.

Now, she really didn’t have anything in her pockets.

Fang Xinxin held the apple that she had bought with the last of her assets. She looked up at the blue sky and thought, ‘There will be bread. There will also be milk!’


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