Sweet and Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me, Commander! Chapter 41 Saving Gu Linyuan Part 2

“Oh.” Gu Linyuan slightly nodded. “I do have a stomach disease, but I don’t have any medication on me.”

“Then I’ll be a good person and take you to the hospital.” Fang Xinxin took pictures and videos of the burning Mercedes-Benz. She could sell these firsthand pictures for money.

She was poor……

She had to think about money.

A blue car drove over. Fang Xinxin waved and the car stopped next to her.

“Hello. Are you Ms. Fang Xinxin?” The driver of the blue car asked.

Fang Xinxin nodded. She had booked this car online earlier. They were in the suburbs. It was difficult to get a taxi.

The driver looked at the burning car in front and asked in surprise, “What happened over there? Why is the car burning?”

Fang Xinxin, Gu Linyuan, and the driver got in the car. She casually replied, “The car spontaneously combusted. Forget about that. This car owner is right here and in shock. Drive to the hospital immediately.”

She couldn’t say that Chairman Gu’s car blew up because of a bomb. Otherwise, if this news was leaked, not only would Gu Group’s employees be in chaos, but Gu Group’s stocks would definitely plummet tomorrow.

“Okay.” The driver anxiously drove Fang Xinxin and them to the hospital. Fang Xinxin paid fifteen yuan for the fare.

Then she helped Gu Linyuan and his driver complete the hospitalization procedures. Of course they paid the fees themselves.

Her own money……                                 

She spent eight yuan to buy ten eggs to smash the window. She also spent fifteen yuan on the car fare.

Then she bought seventeen lottery tickets near the hospital. There were only one yuan and eight cents left of her total assets of fifty-eight yuan and eighteen cents.


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