Sweet and Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me, Commander! Chapter 39 Part 1

Fang Xinxin actually just wanted to help Bai Qinghao save some money. But on second thought, his net worth was in the hundreds of billions!

He didn’t care about the money at all.

“Okay.” She nodded.

His ice-cold face slightly eased. His tone was still like ice as he said, “Eat!”

Fang Xinxin’s stomach had long been grumbling when she faced the table of food. She quickly ate a bowl of food. “I’m full.”

Bai Qinghao frowned. “So little? Do you not like the food?”

“It’s delicious, but I said I want to lose weight.” She picked up a napkin from the table and wiped her mouth. “How am I going to lose weight if I eat so much?”

“There’s no hurry for you to lose weight.” Bai Qinghao looked at her chubby body in some distress.

I’m in a hurry. It’s the best if I weigh 80 catties [~ 105 pounds] right now. Although Fang Xinxin thought that, she didn’t want to worry him, so she said, “Don’t worry. One bowl is really enough. Girls eat a lot less. A lot of girls only eat half a bowl of food to maintain their figures. I already ate more than that.”

“Really?” Bai Qinghao looked a little suspicious.

“Why would I lie to you? You can ask Liu Li if you don’t believe it.” She pointed to his guard.

Liu Li nodded. “Commander, girls do eat about a bowl of rice. My ex-girlfriend only ate half a bowl of rice per meal.” However, she was as thin as a matchstick.

Bai Qinghao didn’t force her to eat anymore, but he still said, “You have to lose weight step by step. Don’t starve yourself.”

His concern made Fang Xinxin’s heart a little tart. “En.”

She pushed her chair back and started to go over to Bai Qinghao’s side. Liu Li looked vigilantly at the purse in her hands. He remembered very clearly that she still had a fruit knife in her purse!


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