Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 9 Not the Person He Wanted to See, Part 2/2

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Xue YiHan’s cold gaze swept over once. He said extremely coldly, “It’s not.”

Feng JiYou frowned and asked the Mengge who was standing on the side, “You picked up the wrong person?”

Mengge was startled. He busily replied, “Shifu, shishu [martial uncle, younger martial brother of his shifu], Ming RuoYan is the only person from North Desert Country. Mengge doesn’t know who shifu wants to pick up.”

Xue YiHan narrowed his eyes. He was a bit disheartened. Did that little girl not come?

Feng JiYou saw a trace of disappointment actually crossed his shidi’s face. “I’ll send someone to look again.”

Xue YiHan shook his head. “No. I’ll return now. I’ll see you next year!”

The flying sword beneath his feet rose. He lightly leapt and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Feng JiYou looked at the sky and sighed in depression. He said he would stay a few days, but now look at this behavior!

“Shifu, then her…” Mengge pointed to the angry Ming RuoYan.

Feng JiYou’s eyes cooled. He plainly said, “Since she’s not the person shidi was looking for, send her down the mountain! Yutian Academy’s rules cannot be broken!”


A little later, Ming RuoYan was thronw back to RongSheng Hall, stunning everyone.

Soon, everyone was talking. People thought it was strange and puzzling. Some took joy in her misfortune and some ridiculed her.

Ming RuoYan was very angry. She did not understand what YuYao Divison was doing. They directly took her up the mountain. But when she’s not the person they were seeking, they directly kicked her away. There was no chance for her to refute.

Who else besides her came from North Desert Country? This person had the ability to make YuYao Division’s elders invite him personally. She quietly hated this person. If not for him, she wouldn’t be the butt of everyone’s jokes.


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