Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 9 Not the Person He Wanted to See, Part 1/2

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YuYao Division

Feng JiYou looked at the little girl similar to carved jade in front of him and was startled. Was this the person shidi wanted to see?

She was a beautiful seedling. But didn’t shidi never allowed women to get close to him? Whether she was old or young, even if she was a baby, as long as it was the opposite sex; if she came within two meters of him, she would be chased off.

“Little girl, what is your name? Where did you come from?” Feng JiYou lightly coughed and gently asked.

The girl tilted her head up. “I am North Desert Country’s Gongzhu [princess], Ming RuoYan.”

Feng JiYou was slightly stunned. So she was North Desert Country’s Gongzhu. Could it be shidi was acquainted with North Desert Country’s Royal family?

“Mengge, take her to Five Star Hall later and see where she fits in.”

“Yes, shifu!” Mengge quietly stood in place. He was feeling puzzled over his shifu’s actions.

Because shifu never treated any new student specially, much less let him personally descend from the mountain to pick someone up. What was so special about this Ming RuoYan? Was it her “gongzhu” status? Yutian Academy didn’t only have this one gongzhu. She was not anymore special than others.

Feng JiYou didn’t think that much. He went directly into his residence to wake his shidi up.

“Shidi, the new student from North Desert Country is waiting outside. Do you want to see?”

His voice fell and Xue YiHan had already left. Feng JiYou was startled and quickly followed.

Outside YuYao Division’s door, Ming RuoYan was impatiently standing there. She could not sit nor leave. She was a bit irritable so she kicked some stones, bored.

Xue YiHan rushed to the main hall. He glanced around and did not see the person he wanted to see. He frowned and stood still. He waited until Feng JiYou arrived to coldly asked, “Where is the person?”

Feng JiYou pointed to the very beautiful girl standing outside the main hall looking at them, “It’s not her?”


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