Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 8 A Beauty Would Never be an Ugly Girl, Part 2/2

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Ming WuYan opened the box and saw a snow-white card. She was startled, “What is this?”

The shopkeeper was also startled. There were people who didn’t know what the Wuji Card was?

He started to explain, but the Rong Mi besides her already smiled in surprise. “Wow, the Wuji Card and it’s for a year. WuYan, you’ve struck it rich! With this card, all your expenses in Tianshan City and Yutian Academy would be responsible by Yipin Ju. My father has one, but it’s for a month and it’s bestowed by the Emperor!”

Ming WuYan blinked and made an “Oh” sound. It seemed like this Wuji Card was similar to a bank card. She put the card into her sleeve, but actually tossed it into her jade bangle’s space. She curtsied to the shopkeeper and took the box with the 10,000 silvers banknote away. Wuji Card?

Rong Mi looked curiously at Ming WuYan. She asked in a small voice, “WuYan, what did you auction off to get the Wuji Card? It’s amazing.”

Ming WuYan also did not know how to explain. She shallowly smiled, “Actually, it was some medicinal elixirs made by my grandfather. There wasn’t much, but it’s very valuable. Rong Mi, I will treat you to food tomorrow!”

Rong Mi laughed, “That’s for sure.”

Then she looked at Ming WuYan’s clothes. “You don’t even have much clothing to change into. Let’s go to Tianyi Ju since it is still open. Let’s go buy some clothes.”

Ming WuYan smiled and nodded, “Okay.”

Indeed, she didn’t even have a dress that fit her. She really needed to do some shopping.

People relied on clothing. Lots of people had eyes growing on the tops of their heads. In order to not allow herself to bear unnecessary ridicule, she decided that when she had money, she would not pretend to be poor. A beauty would never be an ugly girl.


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  1. Averna March 7, 2020 / 2:32 am

    I am still confused on how she suddenly got a treasure and how her reactions are so lackluster xD but love this so far!

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