Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 8 A Beauty Would Never be an Ugly Girl, Part 1/2

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Ming WuYan and Rong Mi went to the auction hall at Xu shi [7-9 pm]. There was a sea of people. It was really lively. The auction had all sorts of strange things. There was a variety of devices, weapons, medicinal potions and elixirs, and some special artifacts. Ming WuYan felt her eyes were very busy.

But everything was very expensive. Some were tens of thousands of silvers. So Ming WuYan could only look.

Even Rong Mi was only looking and did not participate in the auction. As Rong Mi said, the auction here was only to purchase necessary items.

However, after two hours, Ming WuYan was attracted to the storage ring on top of the auction table. The green jade was very pretty. There were lots of people rushing to buy it. She thought if she had the money, she would buy it too.

In the end, the storage ring was exchanged for YuYao Division’s Second Shijie Bai Shao’s elixir.

Rong Mi regretfully said, “So shijie descended the mountain for this storage ring. I want one too!”

Ming WuYan comforted, “When we have money in the future, we’ll come get one too.”

Rong Mi slightly smiled, “Silly WuYan, these items are here to be auctioned off unless we have some valuable treasures for exchange.”

Ming WuYan didn’t speak. She didn’t understand these things.

She didn’t know when they would be auctioning her items and how much she would make.

But she waited for two hours and the auction ended. She did not see her items in the auction. She frowned and returned the number plate to the shopkeeper in a bad mood.

The shopkeeper looked at her. His eyes paused for a moment on the “105” engraved on the number plate. Then he handed a box to her. “Little guniang [miss, lady], your items have been seen and decided by our Yipin Ju’s owner. This is the remuneration. Please come again.”


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