Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 7 Part 2/2 The New Student’s Mysterious Item for Auction

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Master Jutian smiled widely, “No special requests. He’s looking for silvers.”

Xue RuoChen was surprised. The person probably didn’t know the real value of Tianmo Lingluo. He wanted silvers so he probably arrived in a carriage to mask his identity. But the people around Tianshan City were Yutian Academy’s students. There was no way to use silvers in Yutian Academy.

“If this is the case, then the person must be a new student and doesn’t know anything.” Xue RuoChen sighed emotionally.

“I’ll go ask.” Master Jutian was also very curious who the owner of the Tianmo Lingluo was. He personally went to ask the Yipin Ju’s shopkeeper. Then he returned to the treasure room.

He smilingly patted Xue RuoChen’s shoulder, “You guessed it, youngster. It really is a new student and it’s a little girl. She appeared in Tianshan City today.”

Xue RuoChen nodded, “Then give her a year’s Wuji Card. Then give her a 10,000 silvers banknote. We won’t auction off the Tianmo Lingluo.”

“Your meaning is?”

“XingYao’s heart illness is more serious now. With this Tianmo Lingluo, even if not fully cured, at least the heart illness won’t recur again and it would strengthen the body. Also, this is the foot of Yutian Academy. If this gets out, it will attract unnecessary coveting and troubles. Then the little girl would not have the opportunity to bring items here to auction again.”

Master Jutian was surprised, “You mean the girl has more Tianmo Lingluo?”

Xue RuoChen nodded, “This bottle is rough and cannot perfectly preserve Tianmo Lingluo for a long time. But the liquid in the bottles are filled with spiritual energy. This means that it was just poured out.”

“That makes sense. Let’s do like this then…”


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