Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 7 Part 1/2 The New Student’s Mysterious Item for Auction

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“Of course you can! If you have something, you can directly find Yipin Ju’s shopkeeper. They will give you a box. You can put the items you want auctioned off in there. They will then give you a number plate. After the auction, you give them the number plate and they will give you the corresponding remuneration. If you have special instructions, write them on the box. If you don’t, then it is sold as-is.”

“Okay, I will go try later.” Ming WuYan stopped speaking and earnestly began to eat.

Rong Mi thought that Ming WuYan must be short of money to want to auction things off. She had seen her luggage. Ming WuYan had a few packets of ordinary herbs in addition to two sets of clothing. In order not to make her uncomfortable, Rong Mi did not ask what she intended to auction.

After eating, Ming WuYan used the bathroom as an excuse to enter her space. She filled two empty bottles Grandpa Jing gave her with the mysterious black liquid.

Downstairs, she went to find the shopkeeper. He didn’t say anything and handed her a soft and light box. Ming WuYan quickly put the bottles inside and returned it to the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper dully gave her a number plate and didn’t ask any questions.

Ming WuYan also didn’t say much. She and Rong Mi left Yipin Ju, planning to return for the auction later.

At this point, in Yipin Ju’s treasure room, Master Jutian opened box number 105. His heart was puzzled as he withdrew two rough porcelain bottles. He opened the bottle and sniffed. He blanked out and was startled for a long while. In disbelief, he rang Yipin Ju’s Wind Bell. Soon, a man in snow-white clothing appeared. He chuckled, “Shifu, what treasure did you encounter that you have to use the Wind Bell?”

Master Jutian said in disbelief, “If this old man is not wrong, this is five spirit elements’ repairing liquid, Tianmo Lingluo. Take a look!”

He thrust the rough porcelain bottle at his beloved disciple Xue RuoChen.

Xue RuoChen looked at the simple bottle. His light eyes half squinted, “It really is. Who brought this in? What is he looking for?”


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