Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 53 This Little Yatou Has Good Insight Part 2/2

Queya was really shocked. “Little shimei, why do you want to choose him? Zi Su is the pettiest and most demanding teacher in the whole academy. Other teachers will find ways to give the students some advice and magical artifacts. But this Zi Su doesn’t say or give anything. He’s like an Emperor commanding the students to do this and that for him. I can bet that if we go, he will only have us with him.”

Ming WuYan was startled. She said in embarrassment, “This…… Is it that bad?”

“Yes. Every year, Zi Su’s team will come in last in the training experience.” XiaoQi and Queze came over after reading the list.

Ming WuYan was in a difficult spot, but still finally insisted, “Shijie, I still want to choose Zi Su.”

“Little shimei, can you tell me why?” Queya asked thoughtfully.

Ming WuYan blinked. Why? Because she trusted Xue YiHan!

Only, she couldn’t tell them that.

She thought about it and explained, “Zi Su comes in last every year, but he is here ever year. No one in the academy can shake his position, so he must have some merit. Besides, doesn’t a training experience test individual ability and a group’s cooperation? If we need a teacher’s help for everything, what is the purpose of a training experience then?!”

Queya became silent.

At this time, a gaudily-dressed middle-aged man came over. He didn’t say anything before he vigorously patted Ming WuYan’s thin shoulder, making her almost fall down.

“This little yatou has good insight. Okay, I will take you two for my group.” Zi Su’s expression said ‘Going with me is very lucky for you.’

Queya merely sighed. It was too late to change their minds now.


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