Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 53 This Little Yatou Has Good Insight Part 1/2

Ming WuYan was a new student and also the youngest of out everyone. And even if she studied simultaneously in five divisions, she had not attended many courses in two or three months. Thus, no one wanted to form a group with her.

Ming WuYan didn’t force matters. She directly returned to Dormitory Number 1 after class ended.

Queya was inexplicably angry after discovering that no one was willing to team up with Ming WuYan. “Little shimei, don’t be sad. They have no insight. Without them, you have less people to drag you down. I’m in a senior group this time. If I can bring in freshmen, I will take you with me.”

Ming WuYan smiled carelessly. “Thank you, shijie. I’m okay.”

“That’s good then. We’ll go to the stables after we look at the list.” Queya really did like this little shimei, so she hated that she couldn’t take her along.


After eating, Queya dragged Ming WuYan to look at the list. When she discovered that there were teachers who brought along a group of seniors and freshmen, Queya was extremely happy.

“Little shimei, let’s form a group. Freshmen will have to stop at the third level and the seniors can go to the sixth. Either way, we can take care of each other. Let’s go and sign up with the teacher.”

Ming WuYan could feel Queya’s good mood. She smiled and looked at the dense list. Her eyes finally landed on the last name on the list: “Zi Su.”

She pointed to this name and said to Queya, “Shijie, let’s choose Teacher Zi Su!”


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