Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 38 Deliberately Misleading Others Part 2/2

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Jichen waved his hand and an empty horse stall started filling with water. He crumbled a piece of Tianling Soap and it seemed to fly like raindrops. A horse stall was automatically cleaned in the blink of an eye.

From beginning to end, Ming WuYan’s eyes did not even blink. Was this the difference between the strong and the weak? Jichen could solve the problem in the blink of an eye. She and other people had to work hard for half a day.

She had to learn well, so it would be easier and quicker to earn Wuxing Beads in the future.

She didn’t know at this time that those with powerful spiritual power disdained cleaning horse stalls. That’s why almost no experts were seen here.

“I have a piece of Water Spirit Stone here. Hold it, close your eyes, and feel it……” Jichen handed a round light green stone to her.

Ming WuYan obediently closed her eyes to feel it. She felt a flow of water moving in her fingertips. Soon, this flow of water flowed throughout her body. The feeling of rinsing her mind and body felt very comfortable. She opened her eyes in shock. “There’s water flowing in my body!”

Jichen nodded in satisfaction. “Close your eyes and continue to sense it. Try to use your spiritual power to move the flow of water to your fingertips…… Then let it flow throughout your body. Keep repeating this until the flow stops in your body……”

Ming WuYan obediently nodded and did what Jichen said. After a few times, she felt the flow of water stop inside her body. After a while, that feeling disappeared. She opened her eyes in confusion and discovered that the stone in her hand wasn’t green anymore and lost its luster. She was extremely shocked.

“What happened?”


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