Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 38 Deliberately Misleading Others Part 1/2

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Having five single roots was different from five same-spirit roots. Five single roots needed to study five different kinds of spiritual power. But it was the same no matter what one studied with five same-spirit roots. One could also transform and convert powers as one wished. It was really heaven-defying!

No wonder shixiong asked him to teach her. He was four single spirit roots and already very heaven-defying in Yutian Academy. This was not something any teacher could teach. Shixiong was really thoughtful to this yatou!

Considering that Ming WuYan’s identity was special, Jichen only told Yuxing Division Master. He said that she had five spirit roots, but not five same-spirit roots.

Five spirit roots was already very surprising to Yuxing Division Master. He didn’t think anymore and thought that she was five single spirit roots. To protect her talent, he did not announce that Ming WuYan was five spirit roots, but only multiple spirit roots.

Although Ming WuYan half understood, she knew that Bai Jichen deliberately misled the Division Master and everyone else. But this was good. At least, she could live a bit freer.

It was already very special to study simultaneously in five divisions. She didn’t want to attract any more attention or she wouldn’t be able to learn anything here. She might even be killed off early. The Division Master probably had the same idea. That’s why he deliberately said that she was multiple spirit roots.

Jichen spoke a bit with Yuxing Division Master. Then he took Ming WuYan to the Yutian Stables.

“WuYan, today I will teach you how to perceive the element of water. When you can sense the element of water, you can try to gather it. When you have enough spiritual power, you can control it and use it as you wish…… You’re here to clean the horse stalls, right? It’s actually very simple……”


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