Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 24 Good Insight Part 2/2

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“Go to the other floors!” The senior looked expectantly at Ming WuYan. He wanted to see what kind of luck this heaven-defying girl who could study in five divisions had.

Ming WuYan nodded and crushed another spirit key. She arrived on Yuxing Division’s treasure floor. This place was filled with spirit stones: round ones, square ones, large ones, and small ones. She couldn’t decide what was considered a good item.

Just then, she felt her jade bangle shaking, as if something wanted to jump out from her space. She wanted to take a look, but heard Wonton’s voice in her mind. “Master, that bucket wants to go out. It seems to have sensed something.”

Ming WuYan was startled and she brought the wooden bucket out. The bucket emitted a bright light and several pieces of spirit stones flew into the bucket. A blinding light flashed brilliantly. Ming WuYan had to cover her eyes.

When she returned to her senses, she discovered that the wooden bucket sparkled with spirit stones. There was so much that she was astonished. She observed closely and found that several spirit stones were crushed. The small fragments dotted the entire the wooden bucket. This…

Did this count as her taking too much?

After being conflicted for a while, she threw the wooden bucket that changed color back into her space. She waited an hour later and came out empty-handed.

The managing senior looked at her disappointment. “There are still two more floors. Good luck!”

“Good luck, little shimei!” Queze loudly shouted from the crowd.

Rong Mi also made a gesture to cheer her on.

“En, I will do my best.” Ming WuYan smiled. Yuling Division’s floor had many good items. More than half were demonic beast and spirit beast eggs. There were also some rare artifacts.

Ming WuYan looked around and finally selected a sky-blue storage ring. She gave it to Rong Mi as soon as she walked out, shocking everyone and stunning Rong Mi.


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