Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 24 Good Insight Part 1/2

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The senior in charge of registering Treasure Pavilion’s items saw that Ming WuYan’s expression wasn’t good so he explained. “You can ask Yuling Division’s shixiongs and shijies to reform the shape. Then you can use it for other purposes. Sometimes it can be hard to wash off the smell of incorrect medicines. This odor-eliminating bucket can be useful.”

“Oh!” Ming WuYan answered and directly threw the large wooden bucket into her space.

The people around were startled, but quickly reacted. Their little shimei was actually someone who had a spatial artifact. You really couldn’t judge a book by its cover. So everyone stopped laughing at her. They waited to see what treasures she would bring back from the other levels.

Ming WuYan directly went to the second floor. This floor had all sorts of flight and defensive weapons, with swords being in the majority. She didn’t like weapons so she quickly selected a crystal-like transparent cutting tool. It consisted of three knives of different sizes and lengths. To her, one looked like a fruit knife, one was suitable for cutting meat, and the big one could be used to cut bones. She loved good food and her cooking skills were impressive. Compared to weapons, she liked this knife set more.

But when she brought it out, everyone was once again startled. Someone couldn’t help but laugh. “Little shimei, you want to be a butcher? You actually chose three vegetable knives?”

Ming WuYan’s face blackened. She looked in depression at the senior managing the Treasure Pavilion.

This time, the senior did not look strangely at her. On the contrary, he was very pleased as he praised, “You have good insight. This is actually the legendary Sanli Divine Sword. Even someone without spiritual power in Yujian can use it. You can use them as cooking knives normally. It is Sanli Fairy’s beloved lost item. Use it well!”

“Thank you.” Ming WuYan was very happy after receiving affirmation. Her favorite was naturally a multi-purpose tool.


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