Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 23 Bathing Bucket or Manure Bucket? Part 2/2

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“Choose yours first. Time is precious. I’ll go take a look on the other side.” Ming WuYan had no interest in refining pills. It was those strange bottles and jars emitting medicinal scent that appealed to her.

She walked over and opened all of the bottles and jars to take a look. She also looked at the notes written on the bottles. She found that there really were lots of magical pills and elixirs. There was even some Tianmo Lingluo like what was in her space, but its color and purity were far worse.

Opening all of those bottles was time-consuming. As she was touching and opening all sorts of elixirs, time passed quietly by.

At the last moment, Rong Mi selected what she wanted. She turned her head and saw Ming WuYan over by the other side of the pavilion. She didn’t seem to have picked anything. She hastened to shout, “WuYan, it’s almost time. Hurry and choose!”

Ming WuYan glanced at those items. At the last moment, she randomly reached out and selected a wooden bucket near her. The bucket was very big. It sort of looked like a modern bathtub. Because there were no notes on the tools side, Ming WuYan also did not know what this was. She thought that having a private bathtub wasn’t bad. Because she was at the Yutian Academy now, she couldn’t run to her space to bathe all the time. But it was possible to draw a basin of water out to bathe in.

But when she dragged the big wooden tub out, everyone was stunned silly. Even the senior in charge of managing the Treasure Pavilion was startled. He looked curiously at Ming WuYan, “Yatou, do you know what this is?”

Ming WuYan was puzzled. She blinked her eyes and guessed, “Bathing bucket?”

Everyone started laughing. Someone laughed until he was in tears. He loudly said, “That is a manure bucket that can purify unpleasant odor. Our Yutian Academy has five in our bathrooms. What does a little yatou want one for?”

Ming WuYan’s little face turned pale and gloomy. She actually wanted to use this to bathe in. No wonder everyone was laughing.

However, the ability to purify odor was a good function. Maybe she could use it. 


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