Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 23 Bathing Bucket or Manure Bucket? Part 1/2

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Back at Five Star Hall, the five division heads made a unanimous decision. Ming WuYan would study all five disciplines. She would study each division for two hours per day. In half a year, during the advancement testing, whichever division she showed more talented in, would be what she would specialize in.

After testing Ming WuYan, it was Rong Mi’s turn. Only Yuyao Division’s light lit up. There was no doubt there so she entered Yuyao Division.

After deciding on their divisions, Ming WuYan and Rong Mi went to Yutian Academy’s Treasure Pavilion.

The Treasure Pavilion had five levels. Every Yutian Academy student could pick one treasure inside in accordance with their division. The treasure depended on one’s luck.

However, because Ming WuYan was studying in five divisions, she could enter all five levels.

The Treasure Pavilion had no stairs, only a corresponding spirit key for each level. Once one crushed it, one could enter. One must come out within one hour after picking out an item. Many people couldn’t actually obtain anything. Therefore, before Ming WuYan entered the Treasure Pavilion, it was already surrounded by many curious shixiongs and shijies.

Everyone wanted to see what their new division shimei looked like and what she could obtain from the Treasure Pavilion.

The first time, Ming WuYan crushed the spirit key for Yuyao Division. She and Rong Mi entered the first level.

A neat cabinet was inside the first level of the Treasure Pavilion. One side of the cabinet was filled with a variety of colorful bottles and jars. Inside were valuable pills and spirit liquids. The other side of the cabinet held tools for refining pills. There were pill furnaces and some strange unidentified objects. Rong Mi directly went to the tools side of the cabinet and carefully started selecting.

“WuYan, a furnace is essential to refining pills. Do you want to pick one?”


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