Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 22 Really a Perfect Match For You Part 2/2

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The division heads all looked at the confused Ming WuYan. They said in unison, “Yatou, choose whatever you want to learn.”

Ming WuYan frowned. These division heads don’t look very good. They looked like they wanted to eat people. She lightly coughed and thought of a compromise. “Can I take optional courses and enter two or three divisions?”

“That’s not good. Only studying one division means you can specialize.” Yuxing Division Head immediately objected.

Ming WuYan shook her head. She had a different opinion. “I’ve been to a place where the school system was very good. Students could take any subjects they liked…”

The division heads were silent. Actually, it wasn’t that there weren’t students studying in two divisions in Yutian Academy. But this yatou had five qualifications. How many heads did this yatou have to study five spiritual powers? Let’s not talk about whether she had the time. But a person who didn’t have enough energy would neglect one spiritual power.

“Let’s start with two divisions then. Choose Yujian and Yuyao…”

“Why start with Yujian and Yuyao? In my opinion, choose Yuxing and Yuling…”

The division heads excitedly argued again…

Thousands of miles away, Xue YiHan was also surprised looking at the events in Five Star Hall. He was in disbelief. Clumsy baby really had unlimited potential!

The HongMo who had been watching along with him couldn’t but laugh out loud. “Han, aren’t you very proud? The little yatou you like is compatible with all five spiritual powers. She’s really a perfect match for you!”

For countless years Yutian Academy had not had a student compatible with all five spiritual powers. Han was one. He did not expect that the little yatou Han liked also had this ability. HongMo really had to look on in admiration.

Xue YiHan’s lips slightly hooked up. He lightly said, “But I didn’t study all five spiritual powers!”

On the contrary, this yatou had more ideas than him.

“That’s true. You didn’t study in Yuyao. You only got matchmaking abilities from Xianzhen! And the kind where you didn’t have to study for it!” HongMo loudly laughed.

Xue YiHan was depressed. He kicked the deranged HongMo flying out.


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