Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 22 Really a Perfect Match For You Part 1/2

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The five division heads were looking at each other. They were all thinking about the same thing. They must get this little yatou into their division.

Rong Mi restlessly nudged the Queze standing next to her. “Shixiong, what is going on?”

Queze returned to his senses. His eyes were still filled with surprise. Generally, even if the new students’ were talented, only two or three spirit stones would light up. It had been many, many years since all five spirit stones lit up at the same time.

Looking at the division heads’ faces, one would know that a lot of open fighting and covert maneuvering was about to take place.

“My Yuling Division is scarce in talent. Let this little yatou enter my division!” Yuling Division Head opened his mouth first. It had always been Yuyao, Yujian, and Yuxing Divisions growing. Those who were qualified to enter Yuling Division were scarce. So this time, he must have this yatou enter his division.

“Old five, it is not so. Because this yatou is talented, she couldn’t go to waste. So she should come to my Yujian Division…”

 “What use is there for a girl to fight and kill? Come to my Yuxing Division and learn some spiritual magic. She can self-cultivate and improve herself…”

Seeing everyone arguing, Yuyao Division’s Feng JiYou couldn’t help but speak too. “She should learn how to help the dying and heal the injured. I heard that this yatou treated a classmate. Her medical skills are so proficient at such a young age. If she studies well, she would make strides. It might be possible for her to even be a grandmaster. Yuyao Division is the most suitable for her. I also overlooked Xianzhen Division. You know Xianzhen Division has less than twenty disciples. That’s too little. If we don’t expand, it will shut down.”

Everyone was depressed, but they were still reluctant. “Then let this yatou herself choose!”


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