Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 21 The Pink-Haired Old Man is Really Cute Part 2/2

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Inside Five Star Hall, the five division heads were sitting and waiting for that exceptional little yatou. So many years passed and no new student could so easily ascend the mountain. They were bursting with all sorts of curiosity.

Ming WuYan and Rong Mi arrived at Five Star Hall and saw a roomful of people. They didn’t know what to do so they stood behind Queze shixiong. Seeing him curtsy, they curtsied too.

“Children, don’t be afraid. Come to the center of the Five Star Spiritual Compass and stand there for fifteen minutes.” A pink-haired and plump old man nodded at Ming WuYan.  

Ming WuYan gently hooked up her lower lip. This old man was really cute. His hair was actually pink.

“That is Yuxing Division’s Master,” Queze couldn’t help but whisper.

“Yes, thank you Division Master.” Ming WuYan looked at the Rong Mi next to her. “Then I’ll go first?”

Rong Mi nodded, “Okay.”

They had already discussed on the way here. She would see which division WuYan chooses first, and then she would follow. She wanted to study in the same division as WuYan so they could take care of each other.

Ming WuYan slowly followed a crystal-paved road to the Five Star Spiritual Compass. After standing on it, she saw the Compass flash brightly here and there. The lights were getting brighter. They seemed to be competing with each other. The division heads who were originally sitting all suddenly stood up. Their faces were different colors watching this scene. Someone’s chair even fell over and no one noticed.

“How is this possible?!” The five division heads exclaimed in unison. The five divisions’ ancestors were fighting over one disciple. This had never happened before.

“What’s the matter?” Ming WuYan was dizzy due to the blinding lights. She rubbed her eyes. She wanted to leave the Compass, but then the lights stopped flashing completely.


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