Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 21 The Pink-Haired Old Man is Really Cute Part 1/2

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“That’s great. You two arrived earlier than I thought. But did you encounter any dangers?” Queze knew with one glance that they were the first ones to arrive at Yutian Academy. He was very happy for them.

Ming WuYan smiled and shook her head. Rong Mi was a chatterbox and said, “We didn’t encounter anything, not even insects. I think today we were very lucky. The heavens must be helping us.”

Queze couldn’t help but loudly laugh. “What heavens helping? If there is, it’s you yourselves. We heard our master say that there is a new student who has grasped the essence of the Students’ Road. Not anxious or panicked, with a peaceful mind, heart has no distractions, steady and serious; she easily and smoothly went up the mountain. So he was talking about you!”

Ming WuYan was surprised. “Your master can see us climbing up the mountain?”

Queze nodded without thinking about it. “Of course. Once Students’ Road is open, the five masters can see the situation in order to select the students they want.”

XiaoQi bent his waist to look at the much shorter Rong Mi. Only when Rong Mi blushed did he realized something. He straightened his body and fake coughed twice. “You still have to go to Five Star Hall. After determining which place you fit in, you will have the opportunity to go to Yutian Academy’s Treasure Pavilion to pick a gift. I wish you good luck.”

Afterwards, XiaoQi couldn’t help but look at Ming WuYan. It was really difficult for him to imagine that this ten or so-year-old little shimei actually miraculously fixed Rong Mi’s harelip. And it seemed to be fixed beautifully. It seemed like the rumors were true.

“Oh, then we will trouble shixiong to take us to Five Star Hall.” Ming WuYan nodded to the first shixiong she met on the mountaintop. Then she went with Queze shixiong to Five Star Hall.



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