Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 20 My Legs Are Going to Break Part 2/2

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Rong Mi had been shaking Ming WuYan’s arm. She was like a modern person who won the top prize in a lottery. Ming WuYan thought that Rong Mi might be too excited to sleep tonight.

A shixiong stared at them for a very long time before asking, “You two really did not encounter anything? And climbed up just like that?”

It must be said that those who used artifacts, qinggong [light footwork, flying], or other methods to enter Yutian Academy must accept Jielu Spirit Stone’s inspection to really enter Yutian Academy. If they didn’t pass the inspection, they would be punished to clean the whole Academy for three months.

But these two shimeis’ faces weren’t red or panting, hair wasn’t messy, and their clothes were neat. It seemed they were here to play. They were curious about everything here. But when they stepped on Yutian Academy’s Jielu Spirit Stone, nothing happened.

“En. We didn’t encounter anything. We must have been walking for ten hours now. My legs are going to break. Shixiong, can we sit for a while?”

Seeing no place to rest, Ming WuYan simply sat on the ground. She wrapped her arms around her legs, with a tired face.

She knew that because their journey was too smooth that these shixiongs were suspicious. To avoid unnecessary speculation and inquiries, she showed a weak and pitiful expression to the shixiong asking questions. “Shixiong, we didn’t meet anyone else along the way. Where did they go?”

The shixiong was about to speak, but heard a surprised voice. “Little WuYan shimei!”

Ming WuYan lifted her head and saw Queze and XiaoQi running over. They were wearing white clothing. The cuffs were embroidered with a sword. They were from Yujian Division. The shixiong who asked her questions earlier had a blue cloud embroidered on his cuffs. Ming WuYan thought that he should be from Yuxing Division.

“Queze shixiong…”

Ming WuYan stood up and along with Rong Mi, greeted him in a sweet voice.


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