Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 20 My Legs Are Going to Break Part 1/2

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Ming WuYan smiled and lightly tapped her head. “I also feel that way. I was very lucky to meet you too.”

Perhaps, this was the affinity between people.

The two shared a smile. Then they ate vigorously. After eating, Ming WuYan gave her and Rong Mi a cupful of water from her space’s spiritual water.

Ancient people ate slowly. Ming WuYan already drunk a glass of water, but Rong Mi was still acting like she was tasting some excellent wine. She had an intoxicated face, slowly sipping and making Ming WuYan anxious for her.

“WuYan, what kind of spiritual spring water is this? It’s really good. Drinking it makes the whole body comfortable and my fatigue is swept away. I feel like I’ve become beautiful.” Rong Mi licked her lips and looked at her with excitement.

Ming WuYan smiled, “Isn’t is just mountain spring water? I did not drink with so much emotion.”

Rong Mi wasn’t joking. She really felt the water was cool and refreshing and delicious, with a hint of sweetness.

“Drink up and let’s go!” Ming WuYan gathered up her belongings and no longer cared about whatever water.

“En.” Rong Mu hastened to drink the water in the cup and gathered her little bundle. They set off again.

Two hours later, Ming WuYan and Rong Mi arrived at Yutian Academy. The road there was shockingly smooth. Rong Mi thought she was dreaming.

Moreover, when the two shixiongs at Yutian Academy met them and told them that they were the first to arrive, Rong Mi was so excited she was about to faint.

“WuYan, what kind of luck do you think we ran into today? We came up here just like this. Did the heavens blessed us?”


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