Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 19 The Luckiest Thing in My Life Part 2/2

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On the other side, Ming WuYan and Rong Mi had leisurely sat down for lunch. Lunch was fast food bought from Tianshan City. The taste was good. After eating, the two leaned on a tree and rested. They continued to walk after an hour.

Rong Mi was very happy because they didn’t meet anything on the path. She used to meet strange things after a quarter of an hour her previous times on the mountain path. Then she was inexplicably sent down the mountain. Today, she felt very lucky. And she attributed all this luck to Ming WuYan.

Two hours later, Ming WuYan discovered the air changed. It was fresher and more comfortable than the air below the mountain. She took a few deep breaths and felt refreshed and energetic. For the first time, she thought that maybe this Yutian Academy was a good place.

The two walked and rested. Soon it was evening. Looking at the sun setting, Rong Mi was a bit worried. “WuYan, should we hurry? It’s dark and not easy to walk.”

Ming WuYan looked at the mountaintop and the road they travelled behind them. Her heart did calculations and she solemnly said, “After we eat dinner and walk another two hours, we would reach the mountaintop. Come, let’s eat. If we don’t eat, we’ll have no energy to walk and it would be easy to get a stomach disease.”

Ming WuYan took out refreshments and the purchased glutinous rice balls out to eat. She gave one to Rong Mi.

Rong Mi travelled lightly and only had a small package with her. Considering the weight, the two put all their food into Ming WuYan’s space.

Rong Mi looked up and found that the mountaintop wasn’t far away anymore. She laughed and decided to continue listening to Ming WuYan. She sat down quietly to eat.

She came to Tianshan City for more than a year and had never climbed so high and it was so easy. She not only did not see the road that caused hallucinations, but she didn’t even see the insects that Queze shixiong mentioned. She thought this must all be WuYan’s credit.

“WuYan, meeting you is the luckiest thing in my life,” Rong Mi said with feeling and a face full of sincerity.


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