Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 19 The Luckiest Thing in My Life Part 1/2

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“Okay, I’ll listen to you.” Rong Mi slowed her steps and walked next to Ming WuYan. Soon, they were overtaken by those behind them.

In an hour, the whole mountain path seemed to only contain them. The silence was terrifying, but the two’s steps were like a casual stroll. Rong Mi asked with a bit of worry, “WuYan, if we can’t reach the mountaintop by tomorrow, it’s a failure. Did you know that?”

“En. It’s alright. We will definitely be there by tomorrow morning,” Ming WuYan comforted her.

“En.” Oh, well. WuYan wasn’t anxious so she shouldn’t be. Anyway, she had already waited a year; she didn’t mind waiting another month or two.

Rong Mi’s heart settled. She began to pay attention to the plants on the mountain. From time to time, she would pick a flower or two. It was really similar to a walk in a garden.

Tens of thousands of miles away, a man with an enormous Qi [energy] aura stared at Tianshan XueYue with a deep gaze.

HongMo lightly chuckled. “Yo, this little yatou is really smart. She’s actually so calm and her Qi isn’t chaotic. It seems like she easily ascend Tianshan XueYue without expending any effort. Han, when the matters here are resolved, I’ll go to Tianshan XueYue to see this yatou.”

Xue YiHan made an “en” noise. He withdrew his gaze, but his heart was already lost to the top of Tianshan XueYue.


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