Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 18 A Gift From a Mysterious Person Part 2/2

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“WuYan shimei, the item is delivered. Please sign for it,” Queze couldn’t help but call the dazed Ming WuYan.

“Oh, oh!” Ming WuYan hurriedly signed her name in Queze’s log. “Thank you!”

After Queze left, Ming WuYan wanted to put the box in her jade bangle’s space. But she found that the jade bangle was smoother and the jade was a better quality? Was this an illusion?

“WuYan, the Students’ Road to Tianshan XueYue will open tomorrow. Go to bed earlier. We’ll leave after we’re well-rested. We must strive to go up the mountain.” A year passed for Rong Mi already. She was a bit apathetic. But now, she suddenly felt that WuYan would bring her good luck. She knew so many things. Perhaps they might successfully arrive at Yutian Academy tomorrow.

“Okay.” Ming WuYan lay under her quilt with her eyes closed, thinking. This world respected the strong. No wonder everyone wanted to attend Yutian Academy. But just going up a mountain was so troublesome. Her schooldays would not be easy.

She used to be brash and flamboyant. Now, she was weak and at the lowest level. She could only be flexible, bow and submit, and stand tall.

She decided to temporarily adapt to situations. She should fulfill Grandpa Jing and her cheap father’s wishes and first settle down at Yutian Academy.

The next day, at Si shi [9-11 a.m.], Tianshan XueYue’s Students’ Road was opened. Those who were prepared ran over and started their test.

Rong Mi grabbed Ming WuYan to run too, but the latter grabbed her hand. “Let’s not run. We’ll stay at the end of the line.”

“But the first to get to the mountaintop receive gifts!” Rong Mi thought simply. Everyone rushed to be one of the top five so they could receive the Academy’s gifts.

Ming WuYan smiled. “Who says that those running in the front would reach the mountaintop first? The road is unknown. Let’s walk in the back.”


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