Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 18 A Gift From a Mysterious Person Part 1/2

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Due to this, Ming WuYan became famous in the whole RongSheng Hall. Soon, her fame spread throughout Tianshan City and even Yutian Academy. Everyone knew there was a little shimei called Ming WuYan in Tianshan City.

Because Ming WuYan was very amiable, those in her dormitory in RongSheng Hall, except Ming RuoYan, had a good impression of Ming WuYan. Even Fu RuoLan did not treat Ming WuYan coldly or call Rong Mi ugly anymore.

Because after fixing her harelip, Rong Mi was a really beautiful girl. Her appearance was top-notch among the freshmen.

The next night, Ming WuYan received a high-level-task package from Queze shixiong. It was a small box.

Ming WuYan was very curious. Who would send her something?

She opened the box and found nine very thin, ice needles. They were long, short, thick, and thin. They each emitted cold air and an inexplicable spiritual aura.

There was also a bundle of transparent strings. The strings were smooth, light to the touch, and soft, with a warm feeling. They were very flexible, like human skin. She was taken aback. Her mind suddenly conjured up an image of that iceberg-like man…

Did he send this?

She shook her head. It was strange she thought about him.

Although she saw him twice, she still did not know what he looked like. She thought he was very cold. Besides cold, he was still cold. But he was in good shape…


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