Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 17 Skillfully Filling in the Lip, Part 2/2

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Then Rong Mi remembered that she had lip surgery. She hurriedly fetched a clear crystal mirror. She smiled happily at her beautiful face and flawless lips. She turned and embraced the Ming WuYan who was washing her face.

“WuYan, thank you so much, thank you so much. I’m cured. I’m really cured!”

Ming WuYan smiled and seriously said, “This month you have to abstain from certain foods. Don’t eat overly greasy or spicy things. Don’t touch or bite your upper lip. Don’t laugh widely and talk as little as possible for now.”

“Okay, okay, okay! I’ll listen to you.”

Ming WuYan finished washing. She then turned to Fu RuoLan and the others, “Everyone, it’s time you paid for the bet.”

Fu RuoLan nodded. She was willing to pay the money while the others also paid without a word.

This was the first time everyone lost, but had no complaints.

They even surrounded Ming WuYan and started chattering. “WuYan, you know medicine? You’re even more awesome than YuYao Division’s shixiongs and shijies…”

“Yes, yes. Your knife skills are awesome. Cut, cut, cut and it’s fixed.”

“Why did you take skin from her leg? Was it carefully chosen?”

“What were those colored medicinal liquids you used…?”

Ming WuYan thought and answered half-truthfully, “Everyone’s body has muscle memory. One’s body is hard to match to and would reject what didn’t match… The medicinal liquids are exclusive family secret recipes. My family’s elders left them for me in case of emergencies. I only know how to use them and not to make them.”

Everyone believed her words. After all, Ming WuYan was only eleven years old. Her knife skills were already shocking. If she also knew how to make that magical medicinal liquid, then it would be in defiance of the natural order.


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