Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 17 Skillfully Filling in the Lip, Part 1/2

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On the other side, Ming WuYan had skillfully filled in Rong Mi’s harelip. Because she had the Tianling Molu that could accelerate growth, she didn’t even use needles. While focusing on the lip’s contour, she used the tip of the Ice Dagger to nip and carve until the lips were perfect.

Ming WuYan was very serious from beginning to end. Rong Mi was also scared to breathe loudly. Because she wasn’t in pain, she was very worried. The others were also quiet; looking at Ming WuYan’s every move.

Ming WuYan only needed two hours for a simple procedure. After confirming the lips were perfect and matched Rong Mi’s facial features, she then stopped and patted her forehead’s sweat away.

“Rong Mi, you rest. I’ll go drink some water. Don’t move, don’t talk, and definitely don’t touch it. Okay?”

Rong Mi blinked her eyes, signifying she understood Ming WuYan’s warnings.

Other people did not believe that Ming WuYan healed Rong Mi’s lips. They crowded around Rong Mi. When they found that the motionless Rong Mi really had perfect lips, everyone’s eyes were wide open and filled with shock.

Even Fu RuoLan stupidly asked, “She… she can get up tomorrow? Are her lips really healed?”

Ming WuYan nodded. “En. Don’t bother her. I’ll get some water.”

If it was before, she could not guarantee that Rong Mi would be better tomorrow. But judging from the surgery, her space’s spiritual liquids were really miraculous. In fact, she could already eat now and not have to wait until tomorrow. But in order not to horrify everyone, she still told Rong Mi to not move for a day or two.

That night, a lot of people did not sleep in RongSheng Hall. But the parties in question, Rong Mi and Ming WuYan, slept very well into the next day.

When she awoke, Rong Mi momentarily forgot about her lips and started to eat. As she was quietly eating, everyone huddled around. Standing or squatting, everyone stared at her in all kinds of poses.


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