Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 16 If the Partner Was You, Why Not Be a Beast? Part 2/2

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“Okay, I will go prepare. Rong Mi, don’t be nervous. First eat something because for a day after the surgery, you can’t eat anything. You also cannot talk or laugh.” Ming WuYan was very serious. Rong Mi quickly nodded.

Since things reached this point, she was going to give it a try. Even if it failed, it was no matter.

Ming WuYan smiled seeing Rong Mi like this. She turned and rummaged in her bag for a while. She pulled out a porcelain bottle and a dagger. After Rong Mi finished eating, Ming WuYan poured some yellow liquid on Rong Mi’s leg in front of everyone. She used her dagger to cut off a small piece of skin from the inside of her leg. Then she poured some black liquid over it. She had Rong Mi lie down and began the meticulous surgery…

Tens of thousands of miles away, there was a person staring steadily at RongSheng Hall. When he saw the little yatou [girl (used deprecatingly and endearingly)] use his own Ice Dagger to delicately perform surgery, he widened his eyes in shock.

Clumsy baby, how did she dare…?

No needles or artifacts but she could wield the dagger rapidly. This…

“Han, what are you looking at?” A red-haired, white-clothed man stared at Xue YiHan for a while. He followed his eyes and saw a little yatou focusing on something. He was stunned and did not understand.

Han was looking at a girl? How was this possible?

Xue YiHan withdrew his gaze and grunted.

He withdrew his gaze but the red-haired man did not. After awhile, he exclaimed, “Heaven’s Marriage? Such a young girl is married already? What kind of beast did it so early?”

Xue YiHan went rigid. He seemed uneasy as he said, “HongMo, maybe she and that person are destined by the heavens!” He refused to admit that he was a beast.

HongMo laughed darkly. He seemed to suddenly understand something. His eyebrows raised and he laughed evilly, “No problem. If the partner was you, why not be a beast?”


Xue YiHan picked up his cold jade cup and took a sip of tea. He continued to look in a certain direction…


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  1. pavilionbythelotuspond January 19, 2020 / 2:19 pm

    Wow what a simple marriage ceremony, all he did was press his forehead against her’s. Also he married an 11 year old… without telling her… XD She is going to be so mad.

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