Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 16 If the Partner Was You, Why Not Be a Beast? Part 1/2

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But everyone felt that Ming WuYan’s words were very inspiring. They did not seem to be words someone her age would say.

Fu RuoLan was unaccustomed to someone being so arrogant. She mocked, “The words are nice to hear. But if she’s a beauty, then I must be a fairy!”

Ming WuYan ignored her and turned to the still-sobbing Rong Mi. “I can fix your lips. Do you believe me?”

Rong Mi’s eyes widened. She did not believe her. She had a hare-lip since birth. She had seen a lot of doctors and none said it could be fixed. Her motive for coming to Yutian Academy was to enter YuYao Division and find a way to treat her hare-lip.

“WuYan, I… you…”

“Ming WuYan, if you can fix her, I will give you one million silvers. If you can’t, give me your Wuji Card,” Fu RuoLan answered for Rong Mi first.

“I will also add 100,000 silvers.” An older girl who was standing to the side joined in the excitement.

At her words, the whole room boiled in excitement. “Me too. I offer 10,000.”

“I offer 20,000 silvers…”

“10,000 silvers for me…”

Ming WuYan blinked and smiled. These people really…

“Okay. Take out your money and get ready. Don’t renege,” Ming WuYan smoothly agreed. Rong Mi was not calm.

“Don’t, WuYan. They just want to see you make a fool of yourself and not for you to really cure me.”

Ming WuYan waved her hand. “That’s fine. I studied medicine with grandfather at a young age. Your problem seems very simple to me. But I have to ask: Rong Mi, are you afraid of pain? I have to cut a small piece of skin off your thigh.”

Everyone’s eyes widened hearing that flesh-cutting. But they became more excited.

Rong Mi just wanted to cry, but looking at Ming WuYan’s firm eyes, she wanted to inexplicably believe in her. She finally nodded dazedly.


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