Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 15 There Are More Men Than Dogs, Loyal Dogs Are Everywhere, Part 2/2

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“Okay!” Ming WuYan was taking off her clothes as she was listening to Wonton speak. She entered the red pool to bathe. She was previously unsure about the uses of these pools. Now that she knew, she would come to bathe here every day.

Ming WuYan left the space after bathing for an hour. She returned to RongSheng Hall to find that Rong Mi was crying. Others were pointing at and whispering about her. As soon as they saw Ming WuYan, they stopped.

Ming WuYan walked over and sat next to Rong Mi. “Why are you crying?”

Rong Mi quickly wiped her tears away. “Nothing.”

The Fu RuoLan watching a show sneered. “What do you mean nothing? She’s disliked by Fifth Wangzi [prince] Dongfang Miao and called ugly. He said Rong Mi was not worthy of him and wrote a letter breaking off the engagement. If it was me, I would have hung myself.”

Ming WuYan frowned. “What Fifth Wangzi?” She had never heard Rong Mi mention him before.

Fu RuoLan coldly snorted. “Aren’t you friends? She actually did not tell you this! Our Dongyang Country’s Fifth Wangzi and Grand Tutor’s daughter Rong Mi were betrothed since young. Fifth Wangzi is part of Yuxing Division and also practicing the fire element. How can he allow himself to have such an ugly Wangfei [princess consort]? He endured for a year and finally wrote a letter to break off the engagement.”

Rong Mi was angry and anxious so she could only cry. She cried until her liver and intestines hurt.

Ming WuYan frowned and indifferently patted Rong Mi’s shoulder. “Don’t cry. There are more men than dogs and loyal dogs are everywhere. We are mortals and don’t lie down next to animals. Cheer up! I say that our Rong Mi is a beauty. Giving you up is his loss.”

Rong Mi stared foolishly at Ming WuYan. She was touched and felt heartache and shock. She didn’t know there were people who comforted people like this.

Other people were also shocked. This Ming WuYan’s speech was ruthless, special, arrogant, rampant…


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