Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 15 There Are More Men Than Dogs, Loyal Dogs Are Everywhere, Part 1/2

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Ming WuYan was wearing the Tianling clothing Xue YiHan gave her. It was of the best quality. With her hair carefully combed, white skin, and bright and intelligent eyes, and good temperament, Tianqi Ge’s boss thought she was some country’s royal family. So it wasn’t a surprise to him when she swept the things she bought into her space. He even smiled and welcomed her to come back.

Furthermore, those who owned the Wuji Card were wealthy and respectable people.

Back at RongSheng Hall, Ming WuYan used the excuse of bathing to enter her own space.

She randomly tossed the stuff she bought into the space earlier. But now they have been neatly placed in the middle of the ten pools. Those empty bottles were placed neatly on the shelves.

As she was baffled, Wonton suddenly jumped into Ming WuYan’s arms. It rubbed against her and licked her hand. As she wanted to touch its snow-white fur, Wonton bit her. Before she could get angry, she saw a halo envelop her and Wonton’s bodies. Then it disappeared in a flash of light.

Ming WuYan suddenly understood. Wonton wanted to make a contract with her.

“Master, these pools are spiritual pools! You have to soak in them every day! The red pool is red spirit liquid that not only nourishes skin, but also purifies the body of impurities. It has the effect of improving muscle growth. The yellow one is the precious Tianling Milu that can cure hundreds of poisons…”

Ming WuYan looked at the little spirit lion. She couldn’t believe that the voice came out of its body. She could actually hear it speak.

Seeing its master wasn’t carefully listening, Wonton jumped up and down several times to get her attention. “Master, we have a spiritual contract. It’s not weird to hear my voice. We should make good use of these pools. The pool that Master soaked in had Tianling Molu. It’s a restorative liquid. Soaking in it would cure someone inside and out…”

Ming WuYan sat in a chair. “So you have tried every pool then.”

Wonton happily jumped a foot high. “En, I have tried them all. There are nine pools to bathe in. Master can drink from the one that looks like ordinary water every day. It’s an effective liquid… Every five minutes, the ten Tianling pools would automatically purify themselves to ensure spiritual purity. The liquid in each pool is pure enough to drink…”


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