Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 14 Keep My Secret For Me, Part 2/2

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Ming WuYan also smiled, “Thank you, Queze shixiong! We’ll go now. Goodbye!”

“Goodbye!” Queze scratched his head embarrassedly.

After they left, the XiaoQi on duty with Queze couldn’t help but joke, “Queze, you’re really good to those two shimeis!”

Queze smiled, “I just think she’s a kindhearted child. Such a person is worthy to be friends with.”

XiaoQi smiled without speaking. The word “kindhearted” in Yutian Academy was very precious. For personal interests, people would forgo everything. This was especially evident in those with honorable identities.

Ming WuYan and Rong Mi had reached Tianqi Ge. Rong Mi chose a chair that could replenish physical energy and a fan that would provide coldness. These two things were already very expensive.

Since Ming WuYan had the Wuji Card, she bought more. A moveable cabinet, beautiful bottles and jars, tables, chairs, food, bedding, medicines were all swept up.

Rong Mi saw her buying so much and was startled. She hurried to stop her, “You can’t bring so much stuff up the mountain.”

Ming WuYan mysteriously smiled and whispered in her ear, “I also have a storage item. It’s not big but can still hold these things.”

Since she saw a storage ring in Yipin Ju’s auction, she wasn’t afraid that this news would be too sudden.

Rong Mi was so shocked her eyes were about to pop out. She didn’t think that the once-destitute Ming WuYan would have so many treasures!

Even her father didn’t have a storage item. Or rather, in the whole Yutian Academy, the number of people who had one could be counted on one hand.

Ming WuYan smiled at Rong Mi’s shock. “Help keep my secret!”

Rong Mi rapidly nodded, “Yes, yes! I will keep it a secret!”


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