Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 14 Keep My Secret For Me, Part 1/2

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According to rumors, there were some people who lived in RongSheng Hall for decades. Because they could not climb up Tianshan XueYue, they could not pass Yutian Academy’s assessment and could not reach Yutian Academy.

“WuYan, let’s go to Tianqi Ge and buy some practical things. Tianshan XueYue is too hard to climb. I’ve been here a year and have not climbed up. If I’m unable to climb up, my admission qualification is dismissed…” Rong Mi chattered.

Ming WuYan nodded. This Tianshan XueYue looked like an ordinary, tall mountain. It was high and hidden behind a white fog. It seemed to have a sense of being immortal. She didn’t understand why some people could not climb it.

Before going to Tianqi Ge, she first went to YuYao Division’s Tasks Building. Queze was waiting for her and upon seeing her, immediately handed her a letter.

Ming WuYan opened the letter and her face became peaceful. “Thank you, Queze shixiong.”

Queze laughed, “There’s no need for thanks.”

Rong Mi said, “WuYan, let’s go. In three days we would go to Tianshan XueYue’s Students’ Road for the assessment. We have to go shopping quickly.”

Queze hurriedly said, “Two shimeis, buy some rat poison and whatever and some anti-snake and anti-insect repellent. Maybe it would be useful.”

Rong Mi was startled and quickly nodded. “Anything else? Queze shixiong, do we need to prepare anything else?”

She had been here more than a year. The people here were selfish. No secrets were shared. No one had ever told her what to bring up the mountain.

Queze awkwardly shook his head, “Every month, the obstacles on Students’ Road are different. I was just guessing. Don’t spread it around.”

Rong Mi smiled and reassured, “En. We won’t spread it.”


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