Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 13 Enemies Meeting, Part 2/2

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Ming WuYan decided to temporarily forget. She could not avenge this body’s vengeance yet. She could only go slowly and avoid risks so she decided not to recognize the girl yet.

Ming RuoYan was startled. She busily shook her head, “I don’t know you. How could I know you?” She turned to leave, but her whole body was slightly trembling.

Rong Mi looked puzzled at the back of Ming RuoYan’s back. “WuYan, why do I find that she’s a bit afraid of you?”

That Ming RuoYan was usually an unbridled and arrogant person. She actually walked away just like that and her body was even shaking.

“I don’t know. Maybe you saw wrong? But, who is she?” Ming RuYan really didn’t know Ming RuoYan’s identity, so she asked.

At this question, the people surrounding them looked over. Fu RuoLan even smiled in Schadenfreude. “She is your North Desert Country’s Gongzhu. You actually have eyes but don’t recognize Mount Tai. After offending her, you won’t even know how you died the next day. It’s said that her biaoge [older male cousin on mother’s side] Muqin is part of Yuxing Divison and practicing the element of fire. One palm strike could turn you into ashes…”

Ming WuYan let out an “Oh.” She looked at Fu RuoLan and peacefully thanked her, “Thank you for your reminder. I will pay attention to it.”

Fu RuoLan was startled and swung her sleeves in anger. She said in annoyance, “You’re sick. Who’s reminding you?”

She wanted to embarrass her. How could she remind her and help her?

Ming WuYan was not angry and left with Rong Mi. After two days, she understood some of Yutian Academy’s matters.

There were five countries in this world: North Desert, Nansang, Xifeng, Dongyang, and an immortal-cultivating country, Xingluo.

Yutian Academy was a magical place outside of the five countries. It took in students with spirituality. It was also the only place that taught cultivation in all spiritual elements. Within the five countries, Yutian Academy held the highest supremacy in authority and fame.

Yutian Academy had five great Divisions: Xianzhen, YuYao, Yujian, Yuxing, and Yuling.

But it was very wrong to think that after arriving in Tianshan XueYue’s Tianshan City you would certainly become a student of Yutian Academy.


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