Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 13 Enemies Meeting, Part 1/2

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RongSheng Hall

Ming WuYan and Rong Mi returned late last night so they went directly to sleep. When they got out of bed and saw Ming RuoYan, all three were very shocked.

Rong Mi was shocked because Ming RuoYan was picked up by YuYao Division’s Eldest Shixiong to climb to Yutian Academy. But she was actually sent back.

Since Ming RuoYan arrived at RongSheng Hall, she always gave off an air of superior arrogance. She looked down on people so when her joy turned to calamity, most people were experiencing Schadenfreude!

But Ming WuYan was shocked because of Ming RuoYan’s face. She would never forget this face…

That day in the heavy rain, it was this arrogant girl who had people grab her Yutian token. He not only kicked her to death, but to cover up incriminating evidence, she put the broken jade bangle she didn’t like onto the already dead Ming WuYan’s body. But it seemed that this was enemies meeting on a narrow road. They actually met here.

However, this condescending girl would never have thought that the jade bangle she threw away was a real treasure that was better than, in Ming WuYan’s opinion, the Yutian token.

Ming RuoYan was not only shocked when she saw Ming WuYan, but seemed as if she saw a ghost. She pointed to her and shouted, “You…why is it you? You… aren’t you dead?”

Muqin gege [literally: older brother, but can be used to denote familiarity] said that the girl wasn’t breathing anymore…

So she was not worried that someone would discover that her Yutian token was stolen.

But how did this girl come to Tianshan XueYue? How was this possible?!

Ming WuYan blinked and looked puzzled at Ming RuoYan, “You know me? I seemed to have seen you somewhere before. But I can’t remember.”


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