Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 12 A Task With No Danger, Part 2/2

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Two hours later, Doctor Jing received the two packages of clothes and letter. After reading the letter, he clutched the banknote and his eyes reddened.

That child WuYan had a good heart. She was always thinking about them.

Doctor Jing didn’t sleep and woke up everyone in the slums. When the medical clinic was filled with people, he happily pointed to Queze. “This is WuYan’s shixiong. He’s here to give everyone gifts.”

Queze was startled. He was just here to send the items. The gifts were sent by WuYan shimei.

“Come, come, come. Although it’s all children’s clothes, those with children, come up first. Tomorrow morning, come here to report your clothing sizes. We’ll each get new clothes and buy some rice and oil…”

Everyone was happy to death. Their gratitude and admiration for Queze were endless, making him stunned and bashful. He saw Doctor Jing put WuYan shimei’s letter on a table and got curious. He took a glance and was stunned silly.

Such a short letter actually praised him twice. “Grandpa Jing, on the way to Tianshan XueYue, WuYan saved a person. That person gave me a Wuji Card. Others ignore me. But Queze shixiong is a good person and would send the gifts for me. Shixiong would take good care of me. You and father don’t need to worry about me. Take care! Sincerely, WuYan.”

Queze knew Ming WuYan said all that to reassure her family. He clearly did not say he would take good care of her. A part of his heart softened for Ming WuYan and these poor and simple people. His family circumstances weren’t ideal either. So he grew sympathetic and protective towards Ming WuYan.

He said solemnly to Doctor Jing, “Rest assured, Grandpa Jing. I will do everything to take good care of WuYan shimei. You can write a letter back and let her be at ease…”

“Good! Good!” Doctor Jing had someone hand out the gifts. He returned to his house to write a letter.

Doctor Jing wrote even more simply, only a few words. “Everything is okay. Don’t miss us. Study hard!”

Queze took the letter and nodded to the crowd. Then he left.


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