Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 12 A Task With No Danger, Part 1/2

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“Then how much does a difficult task cost?”

The white-clothed shixiong shook his head. “Wuji Card’s use is fixed. For ordinary cardholders, easy tasks are ten silvers and intermediate-level tasks are 100 silvers… Intermediate-level tasks are also separated into levels. The high-level tasks are 1,000 silvers. Of course, you can use the school’s Wuxing Beads and calculate the energy grade…”

Ming WuYan thought and took back her hand that was holding the Wuji Card. She took out a 1,000 silvers banknote. “This shixiong, I’ll change my task to high-level. Please help me send this stuff back!”

The shixiong was stunned. He stammered, “Little girl, are…are you sure?”

It was only two packages of clothes. Was it worthy to be a high-level task?

Ming WuYan firmly nodded, “Are you taking the task?”

“I’ll take it…”

“I’ll take it…” The shixiongs who did not acknowledge Ming WuYan were excited. They didn’t think this new shimei [younger martial sister] was a sweet, naïve young woman. Two packages of clothes constituted a high-level task, there was no danger and they could earn money. Of course everyone would want this task.

Ming WuYan didn’t pay attention to anyone else. She looked at the sparrow-spotted shixiong.

“Little shimei, I’ll take the task. My name is Queze. The high-level tasks have priority here. I’ll send the clothes for you first. Give me the address.” He handed paper and pen to Ming WuYan.

She wrote down her address and the recipient name. She then wrote a short letter, of course to Doctor Jing. She also put in a 5,000 silvers banknote inside and handed everything over to Queze.

“Rest assured, little shimei. I will complete the task in two hours. I will also bring back your family’s return letter. You can come tomorrow for it.”

Everyone saw Queze easily receive a high-level task. They were envious to death and annoyed at themselves that they didn’t pay attention earlier.

“Okay. Thank you, Queze shixiong!” Ming WuYan said her thanks and returned with Rong Mi back to RongSheng Hall.


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