Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 11 Not Doing It Because It’s Easy, Part 2/2

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Ming WuYan thought and felt that it was correct. She loudly said to the absentminded shopkeeper, “I want fifty pieces of spring, summer, autumn, and winter clothing in my size. Shopkeeper can decide on the styles.”

The shopkeeper looked strangely at her but still smiled and went to pack the clothes up. Anyway, she had a Wuji Card and did not violate Yipin Ju’s rules. He was certainly willing to serve.

Soon, the shopkeeper carried out two huge packages. His forehead was full of sweat but he was excited. His inventory was cleaned out. He enthusiastically asked, “Does guniang need help to send this to RongSheng Hall?”

The shopkeeper smiled in his heart. With two huge packages, this girl probably couldn’t climb up Tianshan XueYue.

Ming WuYan smiled, “Send it to Yujian Division’s Tasks Building.”

Rong Mi and the shopkeeper understood. This girl was petty. But this was nothing. The Wuji Card was hard to obtain. Most people would probably do this too.

“Oaky, the Tasks Building doesn’t rest for twenty-two hours. I’ll have someone directly send the clothes over there!” The shopkeeper had a clerk send the clothes to the Tasks Building. Ming WuYan and Rong Mi followed along.

However, the Tasks Building did not go as smoothly as the clothing store. No one there was willing to take the task.

Ming WuYan was very puzzled. “It’s not like I’m not paying. Why would no one take the task?”

Rong Mi never issued a task and only heard about it so she was also confused.

A white-clothed shixiong with sparrow spots on his face explained, “Tasks are divided by difficulty levels. We think your task is too simple and not challenging. And this simple task is low-paying. It’s already late. We don’t want to travel back and forth. I have a task now. If you’re not in a hurry, I can send it for you tomorrow.”

Ming WuYan frowned. Not doing it because it was easy?


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