Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 10 He Broke into the Women’s Changing Room, Part 2/2

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Xue YiHan saw her expression and couldn’t help but smile. “A thin little girl, what is there to cover? You don’t have to buy these clothes. Yutian Academy distributes uniforms. You could only wear these clothes at home.”

He waved his hand back and forth. A thin set of snow-white clothing appeared in his hand. “This is Tianling clothing. The style is changed according to your will. It’s very convenient. I will gift them to you. I have matters to attend to. I’ll see you next time.”

“Ah?” Ming WuYan foolishly blinked. He said he would see her next time?

Xue YiHan looked at her endearingly silly expression. He couldn’t help but pet her forehead. “Okay, practice hard, clumsy baby!” He turned and disappeared into a white light.

Ming WuYan speechlessly touched her face. Wonton baby? [Reminder: “Clumsy” and “Wonton” sound the same]. Was he reminding her to take care of the little spirit lion? So when he said he would see her next time, he meant the little beast?

She concentrated her consciousness and looked inside her jade bangle’s space. The little lion was cheerfully and comfortably swimming inside the red pool. In half a month, its small body grew into a circle, very healthy.

“WuYan, who was that iceberg-like man?” The almost frostbitten Rong Mi came to her senses and ran over.

She only saw a man’s back. Very tall, very cold, very noble, very dazzling, and very freezing…

“Uh, a…a friend.” Right, they’ve met twice. They could be considered as unfamiliar friends.

“Is he looking for you for something?” Rong Mi was curious. She had never seen someone who could disappear in a moment. This person’s spiritual power was very high.

“Oh, my family asked him to ask me if the elixir was sold.” Ming WuYan didn’t want Rong Mi to misunderstand and casually lied.


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