Seizing a Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 10 He Broke into the Women’s Changing Room, Part 1/2

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At this time, the Ming WuYan, whom someone was envying, was choosing clothes. The store Tianyi Ju was very welcoming. All the good items were sent to her.

“WuYan, try this one, this one…and this one…” Rong Mi was happy. She had been excitedly choosing clothes for Ming WuYan. She brought over all that she liked for her to try on.

“Oh, okay!” Ming WuYan held a pile of clothes, ready to try them on. She was about to undress but a light flashed once in the store. Soon that light returned and landed with a powerful energy. A man dressed in black flashed and went inside the store.

The shopkeeper opened his mouth, but the black-clothed man was already outside the changing room. A strong surge of energy blasted the changing room door open. The storekeeper could no longer move half a step.

 The black-clothed man’s ice-cold hand tore the clothes in half. He pulled the frightened-silly Ming WuYan into his arms. He held her high and hugged her and laid his forehead against hers.

Ming WuYan’s frightened scream didn’t come out yet, but her forehead was in pain. She couldn’t help but shout, “Ah! Painful!”

 Her feet touched the floor. This inexplicable intruder had released her. The voice was a bit cold and rude, “Remember, my name is Xue YiHan.”

“Ah?” Ming WuYan foolishly looked at the man in front of her. It’s him…


Xue YiHan frowned, “What iceberg? I’m Xue YiHan.”

“Oh! You…What are you doing here?” Ming WuYan’s brain was slow. She saw her half-opened clothes. She grabbed the sides together and frowned.

Didn’t they say ancient men and women paid special attention to propriety between the sexes? How could this iceberg, eh, Xue YiHan charge into the women’s changing room?


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