Reborn Top Student and Sweet Little Wife Chapter 62 What Does Ms. Shu Think About Wuye? Part 2

They exchanged polite greetings. Then Song Li led her to the CEO’s office.

They got into the elevator. Shu Xin noticed that Song Li looked at her from time to time. He looked like he wanted to say something, but he hesitated. She smiled and asked, “Do you want to say something, Secretary Song?”

Song Li organized his thoughts and asked, “What does Ms. Shu think about Wuye?”

Shu Xin didn’t expect that he would ask her something that had nothing to do with work. She froze for a moment and smiled politely. “Mr. Huo looks extraordinary. He’s intelligent and calm. He acts decisively and resolutely. His decisive actions make many competing enterprises tremble in fear. He’s a god-like existence in Fangcheng.”

Song Li slightly frowned. This answer was as polite as the smile on Shu Xin’s face. This wasn’t the answer that he wanted. He wanted Shu Xin’s answer from the viewpoint of a woman looking solely at Huo Yanqing himself.

Although Song Li knew that Shu Xin was definitely different in Huo Yanqing’s heart, Huo Yanqing had never liked anyone meddling in his personal affairs. So, Song Li couldn’t directly ask Shu Xin.

Song Li thought about it and said, “Actually, Mr. Bei and Wuye are friends. He heard that Wuye wants to build a world-class entertainment city. He was very interested and called Wuye a few days ago. He suggested that he wanted to design the entertainment city.”

Song Li paused and gave Shu Xin time to react.

Shu Xin heard the words “Mr. Bei” and couldn’t control her excitement. “Does ‘Mr. Bei’ refer to Master Bei Tianyou?”

Song Li nodded. “Yes. But Wuye refused Mr. Bei’s request.”

“Ah?” Shu Xin asked incredulously, “Why?”

He was a world-class architect. He couldn’t even be invited sometimes, so how could Huo Yanqing refuse him?

Bei Tianyou was Shu Xin’s favorite architect. She had studied his architectural style and philosophy very deeply. So, she was completely attracted by the name “Bei Tianyou.” She completely forgot that if Huo Yanqing accepted Bei Tianyou’s request, she would be superfluous.


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