Reborn Top Student and Sweet Little Wife Chapter 62 What Does Ms. Shu Think About Wuye? Part 1

Shu Xin lifted the gauze and discovered that the bottommost layer of gauze was stuck tightly to her skin. When she tore it off, it was so painful that she almost cried.

She spent a lot of effort to deal with her wounds. Then she set an alarm for 2:30 p.m. She went to bed and slept.

When the alarm went off, she felt that she had just fallen asleep. She opened her eyes and felt groggy. Her head also hurt.

It seemed that she really couldn’t stay up late. She didn’t sleep for two days and felt that she was going to get sick. She felt as if she was stepping on cotton when she stood up to wash up. Her whole body was floating.

She felt as if she had taken bone-softening powder. She felt soft and boneless all over.

She really shouldn’t work her body too hard.

After washing up, Shu Xin looked in the mirror. She was startled by her own appearance.

She was pale and her eyes were bloodshot. Her lips were dry and red. The scariest thing was her dark circles. She looked no different than the national treasure; the panda.

How could she go to Huo Corporation like this?

Shu Xin put on a facial mask and then put on some light makeup. Her face finally looked a little better.

Her knees were injured, so she couldn’t wear a dress. Thus, she couldn’t wear the professional outfit that she bought last time.

Shu Xin chose a chiffon blouse with wide-legged pants. Her clothes were relatively loose, so they wouldn’t touch her wounds. Her figure also seemed more slender.

Song Li gave her a business card last time, so Shu Xin called Song Li in advance before she went to Huo Corporation. When she arrived at Huo Corporation, Song Li had been waiting for a while in the lobby.


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