Reborn Top Student and Sweet Little Wife Chapter 53 A God Suddenly Descended to the Mortal World Part 2

A trace of worry crossed Song Li’s eyes. He looked meaningfully at Shu Xin in the classroom and respectfully answered, “Okay, Wuye.”

Huo Jibai obediently followed Song Li downstairs.

Shu Xin saw Huo Yanqing not leaving and thought that he had something to say to her. She walked over and stopped three or five steps away from him. She started to call him “Mr. Huo,” but she felt that was wrong. This was the school after all and he was Huo Jibai’s elder. She should address him like Huo Jibai did. “Fifth uncle.”

Huo Yanqing heard the words “fifth uncle” and slightly frowned. He was silent for two seconds before saying, “I didn’t think that you and Little Bai are classmates. Was he bullying you earlier?”

Little Bai. Okay. Shu Xin was once again struck by this name.

The following image instantly appeared in her mind:

Huo Jibai, 1.83 meters tall and Crayon Shin-chan’s pet dog, Little Bai. One big, one small. One tall, one short. One person, one animal.

That image was so hilarious.

Shu Xin couldn’t hold back and chuckled out loud.

Huo Yanqing’s handsome face looked puzzled. “What is Ms. Shu laughing at?”

Shu Xin covered her mouth with the back of her hand to stop laughing. She shook her head. Then she thought that Huo Yanqing couldn’t see it, so she quickly said, “Nothing.”

Huo Yanqing mildly went, “En.” Then he turned and slowly walked along the corridor towards the stairs.

Shu Xin carefully kept up with Huo Yanqing’s pace. She suddenly understood Song Li’s meaningful glance before he left. It must be for her to take care of Huo Yanqing.

Shu Xin admired Huo Yanqing from the bottom of her heart. He couldn’t see, but he walked slowly and calmly, without the slightest trace of panic, as if he walked this path countless times before.

But this was the school and not the company that he was familiar with. How could he be so calm and collected?

Shu Xin was thinking when Huo Yanqing’s low and nice-sounding voice like a cello sounded in her ear. “Do you like Little Bai?”


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