Reborn Top Student and Sweet Little Wife Chapter 53 A God Suddenly Descended to the Mortal World Part 1

Who was Little Bai?

Just as Shu Xin was wondering, Huo Jibai acted as if he was struck by lightning. His face turned pale. His mischievous expression disappeared and there was only nervousness and respect.

Huo Jibai didn’t need to look back to know who was standing outside just by the voice. He quickly straightened, turned, and walked towards the door. He did this series of actions in one go.

Shu Xin was very curious who could control the rampant, overbearing, and lawless Huo Jibai. And Huo Jibai’s reaction was clearly one of awe.

Shu Xin couldn’t help but look up to see. She instantly froze in the next second. It was Huo Yanqing!

How could it be him?

He had on an expensive suit, a handsome face that angered man and God, and a body that exuded a cold aura all over.

Shu Xin had the feeling that a god had suddenly descended to the mortal world.

Fortunately, it was the weekend and there wasn’t anyone else around. Otherwise, he would cause a sensation.

Huo Jibai walked over to Huo Yanqing and respectfully called out, “Fifth uncle.”

Huo Yanqing’s face was calm like water and his tone was tranquil, but it was oppressive. “You’re not going home, so you’re planning to stay overnight in the school?”

“No.” Huo Jibai was like a big kid who did something wrong. He lowered his head and stood submissively in front of Huo Yanqing. He looked just like a mouse that saw a cat.

Was this still the narcissistic and arroaant Huo Jibai who acted like a rogue to her earlier? This contrast…… was too big, right?

Shu Xin started to doubt life.

“Don’t make your grandmother angry again.”

“I know.”

“Go home.”


Huo Yanqing ended the simple and clear conversation. He slightly turned his head. “Song Li, bring him out.”


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