Reborn Top Student and Sweet Little Wife Chapter 52 I’m Going to Shout “Molester” Part 2

“Really?” Huo Jibai moved closer to her. “Then why are you blushing?”

“Who…… Who is blushing?” Shu Xin subconsciously reached out to touch her cheek. Her palm was slightly warm. As she was moving backwards, her brain was rapidly turning. “This is a normal reaction. If some other man get close to me, I will blush too.”

Huo Jibai lightly smiled. The anger from the quarrel at home dissipated a lot now because of Shu Xin. “I’m not some monster. Why do you hide from me all the time?”

“How can I not move if you’re so close to me?” Wait, why did that sound so familiar? Didn’t she just say this to Mu Ningjing?

Shu Xin looked up and stared at Huo Jibai. “Weren’t you sleeping? You actually eavesdropped on me.”

“I did not eavesdrop……” Shu Xin’s back was against a table and she couldn’t move back anymore. Huo Jibai placed his hands on the table behind her and caged her in between the table and his chest. “You spoke too loud. I heard it openly and aboveboard.”

Shu Xin quickly pushed his chest. His basketball jersey was soaked with sweat after the exercise. It clung tightly to his body, so that she could clearly feel the distinct pectoral muscles underneath.

Shu Xin’s face turned even redder. She was anxious and angry. “You rogue. Move away or I’m going to shout ‘molester!’”

“I’m molesting you?” Huo Jibai seemed to have heard the world’s biggest joke. Hearty laughter sounded from his throat. “Do you think anyone will believe you if you say it? People will believe it more if I say that you’re molesting me. After all, you wrote me a love letter a while ago. Everyone in A University knows this.”

“Little Bai, come here.” Shu Xin was about to retort when a deep and magnetic voice sounded from the door.


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