Reborn Top Student and Sweet Little Wife Chapter 22 A Cheat Part 1

Although Shu Xin’s theoretical knowledge on architecture was extensive, she didn’t remember the definitions of technical terms on the exam.

That was because after entering the work force, no one would have you write down the technical definition of a certain architectural term. Bosses preferred practical applications more.

So, Shu Xin still needed to review the information from her textbooks.

She started with information from the freshman year.

Shu Xin picked up the textbook and soon devoted herself to studying.

She already understood the meanings. She just needed to learn the technical terms, so Shu Xin read very quickly.

And she discovered something important that made her very excited. She could read ten lines in one glance and never forget what she read.

What was going on?

She wasn’t this powerful in her previous life. Was this cheat because of her rebirth?

Shu Xin restrained her inner joy and tested it several times.

She took out her English textbook and looked at the English words. Then she closed the book. Her brain was like a computer. The words that she had just seen instantly flashed in her mind.

Shu Xin read a few famous essays. Her brain still remembered it word for word. She could even remember the punctuation marks of the essays that she had just read.

Wow. Her memory was comparable to a computer now.

This new discovery made Shu Xin excited all morning. She spent the whole morning pouring all the knowledge in the textbooks into her brain.

There was only one English class in the morning because it was almost time for the mock exam. Thus, the teacher came in to review. It was time for self-study after that.

There weren’t many students left after the English class ended. But Shu Xin was too absorbed and didn’t notice.

When it was lunchtime, there were only a few students left in the classroom.

The bell rang and the students left the classroom for lunch.


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